• Joe Keller

Three Coaches on the Hot Seat

Coaches have it the hardest in sports, especially in basketball. When things are going well, the players get all the credit, when things are going wrong the blame falls mostly on the coach’s shoulder. It is at times a thankless job, but if the coach can keep the outside noise from distracting himself and the team there’s a chance for success. Some of the coaches on this list have enjoyed success already, but will undoubtedly have to keep the outside noise from being a distraction during the 2015-16 NBA season.

David Blatt

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David Blatt will remain on the hot seat until he delivers a championship to Cleveland, and even that might not be enough. I find it ridiculous that a coach who led a depleted Cavaliers team to game six of the NBA Finals is on the hot seat, but we’ve all heard the drama between him and LeBron James, and whether the players respect him. The fact of the matter is no matter how much the Cavs want to say LeBron is not involved in personnel decisions, he is, so if LeBron sours on Blatt he will be out.

Frank Vogel

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Larry Bird has backed Frank Vogel, but a poor season this year could mean the exit for Vogel. Frank justifiably got a pass this year for not making the playoffs, after All-Star forward Paul George missed 76 games. However, with the way the Pacers struggled down the stretch and into the postseason two years ago, and the inexplicable way Roy Hibbert stopped performing, may have Bird looking in another direction. With Indiana retooling their roster and changing their philosophy, a poor season could lead to a firing for Vogel.

Rick Carlisle

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Rick Carlisle delivered a championship Dallas five years ago, but with an aging Dirk Nowitzki, and a roster that will have to scrap to make the playoffs; Carlisle might wear out his welcome. We saw during the season and especially the playoffs he can butt heads with players. Granted Rajon Rondo is hard to deal with, but the Mavericks might need a new voice in the huddle, and after missing out on DeAndre Jordan, it could be a transitional period in Dallas. Carlisle may not want to stick around for that.

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