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NBA Live 16 Creates New Face Scan Feature:

*Photo via Gamespot

NBA LIVE 16 has developed a new innovative feature that will really put a twist on EA’s slogan, “It’s in the game.” This year, YOU are in the game. NBA LIVE Companion, a free app on the App Store and Google Play, offers NBA LIVE gamers a real-life NBA experience by using GameFaceHD. Now you can really get the feel of guarding Russell Westbrook or trying to dunk on DeAndre Jordan as you thrust a realistic video game version of yourself into the action.

The scan itself takes about 10 minutes to complete after you download the app. The first step in the process is being able to hold your phone still and scan the front of your face inside the circle. Next you have to move your face slowly both left and right to complete the scan process. If done correctly they will show you a preview of your scanned face and then it will render for a couple of minutes.

Once the scan is complete you then complete a couple more customizations, which are hairstyle, body type, name, number, etc. I gave my player a cool mohawk hairstyle, similar to James Harden's hair.

My scan came out decent, a little bit of a green on the left side of my face, but it looks a lot like me. I will most likely re-do my scan at some point with better lighting. Many LIVE gamers took to Twitter, showing off how accurate their scans came out.

NBA LIVE’s competitor NBA 2K featured a face scan last year using kinect, which was very difficult to get right. Lots of gamers couldn't create their face properly in the game. I enjoyed the process of creating my face using this app. Last year on 2k I wasted countless hours trying to get my face correct.

In order to do this scan you must have an iPhone 5s or greater, or any iPad, plus iOS 8.0 or later. Also make sure you log in the app using the EA Sports account that you will use when you play the actual game. Because I am team iPhone, I’m not quite sure of the requirements for Android users. I intend on using the player I created at some point this season when I decide to play NBA LIVE 16, and I will dunk on you.

NBA LIVE 15 was a step in the right direction last year, and this new feature grasps my interest more to play this game more, but I still prefer the NBA 2k series.

NBA LIVE 16 is set to release September 29th, meanwhile the demo is already out if you want to try it out.

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