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Star 6ix Man

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The NBA off-season is a time where most players unwind after strenuous seasons, take lavish vacations, and maybe find some time to work on their basketball skills. It’s much-needed time off for these guys that are playing night in and night out for months on end. But of course, there are those few select guys who take no days off and are on their grind 24/7. No other player has embodied this consistency more than the Boston Celtics star sixth man, Isaiah Thomas.

It’s become commonplace for NBA players to play in summer leagues and put on a show for their hometown fans. In Los Angeles, we have the Drew League, which never fails to disappoint as it features L.A natives from around the league. Up north, there’s the Seattle Pro-Am, which made major headlines this off-season, in large part due to Washington native, Isaiah Thomas.

In July, Thomas was playing in a pro-am game alongside his close friend and fellow Washington native, Jamal Crawford, when he dropped a sick stat line: 50 points, 11 rebounds, and 7 assists, all just a few weeks after receiving surgery on his wrist. Obviously, excuses are for the weak.

In late August, basketball fans were treated to a long-awaited match-up between the Drew League and the Seattle Pro-Am. This game featured L.A. and Seattle natives such as Zach LaVine, Trevor Ariza, Dorell Wright, Baron Davis, Nate Robinson, and of course, Isaiah Thomas. The peak moment of this intense game was Thomas’ block on 6’8” Trevor Ariza’s dunk attempt at the baseline, which had the capacity crowd jumping to their feet. Not to mention, Thomas at 5’9” is just a bit shorter than Ariza.

As a fan, I love that Isaiah Thomas is putting in absolute work during the off-season. It’s refreshing to watch a guy pour his heart and soul onto the court for a game outside of his professional career. From being the 60th pick in the 2011 draft, to leading his team with a fierce charge into the playoffs, Thomas embodies the strength and tenacity that most basketball players hope to achieve.

He proves that heart is most definitely greater than height.

*Stats and info via SeattleBasketballProAm.com and Nesn.com

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