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OTG Awards: Meme of the Year

The internet has a way of turning everyday moments into legend, and there is no exception during the NBA season. Meme’s have become a pop culture phenomenon and some of the most liked, retweeted and shared posts on the internet.

Now I know the NBA does a great job holding press conferences and handing out big trophies for deserving players. Even the NBPA wanted to get fancy and hand out their “Players Awards” on BET (guess they weren’t that fancy). With everyone seemingly giving away awards, we here at Off the Glass decided we wanted to hand out hardware (but not really) to celebrate accomplishments from the past NBA season.

To kick start our OTG awards series, we asked four talented staff members:

Who gets your vote for 2014-15 NBA meme of the year?

Romana Bholat – Barring you’ve been living underneath a rock, you’ve probably seen this hilarious meme of one of the NBA’s most eccentric personalities, Nick “Swaggy P” Young.

(Fastforward to 5:37)

This meme is actually from a screen grab from photographer Cassy Athena’s video series, “Thru the Lens.” This episode has over 700,000 views, with the signature moment of Young’s comical facial expression stealing the show. We can credit Young’s mom for referring to him as a “clown” and thus receiving this totally epic reaction from her son.

The variety of captions placed alongside this meme have been nothing short of complete hilarity. Even Swaggy P had to get in on the fun. He posted the meme on his Instagram with the caption “Mood of the Day #ToAllTheBS

Fellow NBA players joined in on the fun too, posting this meme onto their social media outlets. You know you’re for sure winning at life when a bunch of multi-millionaires are plastering your picture onto their accounts with millions of followers.

This is definitely the best NBA meme of the year because it’s undeniably hilarious and totally relatable. I mean, let’s face it; EVERYONE has had this reaction to something their mom has told them.

Marc Cantave – It's no shock that LeBron James is usually the number one target for memes. I don't like to pick on LeBron, but I found this meme particular funny because dude always looks like he is crying.

You can find this face all over the Internet. Then again with the way the Cavs played in the NBA finals, I would've shed a tear too. I bet he truly does miss Ray Allen and Dwyane Wade. He should probably get started on recruiting Jesus, the season is coming up quick. Don't worry LeBron maybe next year.

Max Russo – There were many strong candidates for meme of the year. However, there is one that stands above and beyond all. This meme featuring Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan at team USA camp gets my nod for meme of the year.

The meme makes fun of their ability, or inability to make free throws. A subject that was on full display when the Houston Rockets took on the Los Angeles Clippers in the Western Conference semifinals. The picture in this meme is also tremendous in the way that it really depicts the question being asked; free throw contest? As it makes it seem as if both players know that their ability to make free throws is really one big joke. But seriously, who you got?

John Aiello – LeBron James has been pummeled with jokes since the Kings’ hairline began to recede many years ago. While I was listening to the Jalen and Jacoby podcast the other day, they talked about the latest crack on LeBron’s innocent hairline. Obviously, I just had to see this.

This meme is perfect on so many levels. It’s not just a simple ‘W’ outline, as the middle of the symbol that points to the left and looks like a bird beak is even outlined in his head! Literally it looks like a bird fell down from the sky, onto James’ five-head, and someone cut out the outline in his hair.

The LeBron hairline jokes have been overplayed for some time now, but this is so magical that it puts all other jokes against the King’s hairline to shame.


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