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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Professional Basketball Player DaVonte Lacy!

Former Washington State University standout and all time three point leader, DaVonte Lacy, was signed by the Indiana Pacers to play in the 2015 NBA Summer League in Orlando, Florida. The first team All-Pac-12 player went undrafted this year and only averaged 3.0 points over four games this summer. But, Lacy played well enough to start speculation he may land a spot on the Pacer’s D-League squad. Until then, the former Cougar plans to take his sharpshooting skills to Europe.

Alright DaVonte, before we get started I just want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down and talk to us at OTGBaskestball.com.

How old were you when you fell in love with the game of basketball?

“I’m so glad you asked. It was around fifth grade when I fell in love with the game and understood that it can really take me places.”

Growing up who was someone you wanted to model your game after?

“I loved watching Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady they are one of the reasons I started. Those two I would say had the biggest impact on me.”

So, I see no love for Kobe Bryant? Any way let’s move on to the next question. Why did you pick Washington State University?

“The family atmosphere is the reason I decided to go there. And the fact it was the biggest conference with the best talent on the west coast. You should know that already being a fellow Washington State University Cougar.”

How does it feel to be the all-time three point’s leader in WSU history?

“Feels pretty good knowing my name is at the top of the record books. I mean I put in a lot of hard work and hours shooting in the gym and to see my name at the top of the list means my time has paid off.”

What was the most difficult thing about competing in the NBA summer league?

“Well my situation was different because I had to learn a whole new position. So that and the speed were the major changes for me. “

Did you see basketball as an outlet growing up in Tacoma, Washington?

“Of course, my family doesn't have a lot of money and from an early age I knew if I didn't get a scholarship then I wouldn't go to college so that was my interior motivation. “

What's next for Davonte Lacy?

“Currently, I'm playing pro ball in Europe with the Güssing Knights. But eventually I would like to play in the NBA. “

How well do you think you would fare against Klay Thompson in a game of one on one?

“It would be interesting he is one of the top two 2- way players in the world, so it would be fun. But the way my competitive spirit is set up I have to choose myself to win.”

What type of advice has former teammates Brock Motum (NBA Summer League: Utah, Jazz, Lithuanian League: Zalgiris Kaunas) and D.J. Shelton (Italian League: Victoria Libertas Pesaro) given you to help you transition into a professional athlete if any?

“Just make sure I do the right things and that my situations are right wherever I go.”

Who was your biggest influence growing up?

“My mom was my biggest influence she taught me a lot growing up in Tacoma, Washington”

What are some things you are going to miss the most about Washington State University?

“The people, I loved interacting with everyone and it seemed that they liked me so that is what will be missed most.”

Were you able to run into Larry Legend in Indiana while playing in the National Basketball Association Summer League?

“He was at every practice and I was able to showcase my talents in front of him.”

Thank you for sitting down with me for an interview DaVonte. I know your schedule is hectic, but I really appreciate it.

“No problem and thanks man.”

Photos courtesy of NBA.com, cougar.com, AP

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