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NBA Future Power Rankings 11. Phoenix Suns

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Just a year ago, the Phoenix Suns revamped their backcourt with the addition of Isaiah Thomas. With only one basketball on the court, and the Suns playing three point guards at one time, they failed to capitalize on their magic from the previous year. Fast forward one year later, and only Eric Bledsoe remains from that group, and now has a new running mate in re-signed Brandon Knight.

This offseason saw the Suns bring in championship defensive center Tyson Chandler, and trade Marcus Morris away to the Detroit Pistons. When the move happened, it was confusing as to why anyone would trade for the Morris twin that nobody cares for. But then it hit me, there is no way Markieff Morris can survive without his brother, and wouldn’t you know it, Markieff now wants out.

So all of this turmoil and they are 11th?

Once the cap explodes in the next couple of seasons, Phoenix will have their core in Bledsoe, Chandler and Knight locked up on super friendly deals. They also have promising players like T.J. Warren, Alex Len and Devin Booker on rookie contracts. This will allow the Suns to really make a push for big time free agents in the coming seasons.

Along with space, they have done a good job making the best of a bad situation with Isaiah Thomas and Goran Dragic. Phoenix has stock piled an additional three firsts and a second rounder in the next five seasons. Phoenix has the makings of a location where a disgruntled star may want to go if he isn’t happy with his current situation.

The Suns will be in the playoffs sooner rather than later. With a young roster comprised of players who can really ball out, expect good things from the Suns going forward. And just in case you forgot about how good Eric Bledsoe is, enjoy.


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