• Ryan Ray

New Faces, Same Problems

Photo via Mavs.com

The Dallas Mavericks finished seventh in the West last year, and were out of the playoff in five quick games. I can bore you with stats or simply point out we have read this script before. It goes like this, the team enters the season with a championship coach, a star who is past his prime, and a troubled point guard. Wait, wasn’t this the Mavs last year after they acquired Rajon Rondo?

While Mavs fans have to appreciate the fact that Mark Cuban is willing to go after big players, sometimes he gets a little “Jerry Jones” in him. I’m not sure the Mavs had a good option at point guard going into this season, but replacing Rondo with Deron Williams wasn’t a wise move. Being that Rick Carlisle was not able to control Rondo last year, I think Williams will eventually be just as disruptive. Remember, this is the same guy, Williams, who got Jerry Sloan fired in Utah.

Williams wasn’t the only move the Mavs made. They also acquired Wesley Matthews via free agency. Matthews is trying to return to the hardwood after tearing his Achilles tendon. Speaking of injured players, Chandler Parsons has to stay on the floor this year. Parsons, who missed some key games last year, appears to be on the mend as Mavs.com is reporting that he is expected to attend Team USA minicamp next week. If either Matthews or Parsons can’t produce, it’s going to be a long year in Dallas.

Where does all of that leave us? Exactly where we left off last year with the Mavs. With a coach who has a ring, a superstar past his prime, and a collection of players who have some serious questions surrounding them. The only problem is the West got better. Don’t be surprised to see the Mavs miss the playoffs this year. I know that some folks have high hopes for the Mavs, but their roster has a lot of uncertainty. Uncertainty in the West will lead to mediocrity, at best.

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