• Romana Bholat

The Celtics Are One Step From Success

*Photo via CSNNE

If any NBA teams are interested in adding a forward or two to their roster, the Boston Celtics are the perfect contact because they currently have nine players to occupy that position. This staggering amount of forwards constitute more than half of the Celtics roster and even though many of them play a combo of both guard and forward, the Celtics just have FAR too many of these players.

Along with having numerous forwards, the C’s also have their fair share of guards, ranging from the current longest tenured Celtic, Avery Bradley, to the scoring machine sixth man, Isaiah Thomas. Boston’s GM, Danny Ainge, has stockpiled draft picks and used them to add more guards through trades and the draft throughout the last few months. It seemed as if Ainge was going to use the multitude of draft picks that the Celtics have as trade chips to acquire some star free agents, but that hasn’t been the case thus far this offseason.

Despite the fact that the C’s are loaded with role players, they are a young, talented squad that has potential and a hunger for success. What they are missing is a true center to anchor the defense and commandeer the paint. The three players they have to occupy the center position are forward/center combos, but to have a true center with this particular group of guys would mean the difference on this team to take them to the next level.

Many fans believe that what the Celtics are missing is a superstar player to give the ball to at the end of games. But I wholeheartedly believe that Isaiah Thomas can be that end-of-game guy the C’s can go to in the clutch. He is the leading scorer on the team, a natural leader, and efficient playmaker that can be the savior for this team as the clock is winding down.

The true need for this team to take that next step is to acquire a dominant center that can take the pressure off of the forwards and lockdown the paint. And although the center position is considered somewhat of a dying breed in today’s league where small-ball reigns supreme, the Celtics would be a tough match-up for any team in the league with the addition of a bona fide big man. This would be the transition for this team as a lower echelon playoff team to a contender in the Eastern Conference.

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