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8 Reasons Why Nets Fans Can Be Happy About the D-Will Departure

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Deron Williams reached a buyout with the Brooklyn Nets this past week. Here are eight reasons why Nets fans can be happy about his departure.

1.Deron Williams never lived up to the hype

After missing out on Carmelo Anthony, the then New Jersey Nets needed a big name for their move to Brooklyn. So, they made a trade for Deron Williams, hoping he could lead their team into Brooklyn.

It seemed things were looking up for the Nets,Williams was coming off three consecutive All-Star appearances and was considered one of the top point guards in the NBA. Well, things didn’t go as planned. Williams never took the team over and never met the team’s expectations.

Yeah, Williams had some nice moments with the Nets, like his 57-point game against the Charlotte Bobcats and his three-point barrage against the Washington Wizards, but his overall play was nowhere near what the Nets had hoped for.

It almost seemed the more time Deron Williams spent in a Brooklyn Nets jersey the more his game regressed.

2.Lionel Hollins will be safe

And I’m not talking about his job.

Stefan Body of the New York Daily News reported that at one point in the season, Deron Williams had to be physically restrained from attacking Nets’ head coach, Lionel Hollins .

Here is a segment of the article:

“Williams also clashed with Lionel Hollins last season after brokering a meeting to air his dissatisfactions. The Nets coach can be blunt and arrogant, and sources tell The News that Williams had to be physically restrained from attacking his coach during the meeting.”

3.The Nets will have around 39 million dollars in cap space next summer

Buying out Deron Williams and stretching his contract will not only give the Nets Luxury-cap relief this season, but more cap space for next off-season.(Around 39 million dollars) This move will allow the Nets to improve their team through free agency. Something that is pretty important when you consider the amount of draft picks the Nets have going forward.

This also gives the Nets an opportunity to land a new point guard as early as next summer, and maybe even someone who likes Lionel Hollins. I’m talking about you Mike Conley,JR.

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4.Deron Williams is not the type of players you want around young players

The Nets have had a youth movement in Brooklyn. As of today, the Nets have nine players with guaranteed contracts that are 27 years-old or younger. Making sure these players have positive influences around them is critical to their development. Williams is not one of those positive influences.

Here is another segment from the previous Stefan Bondy article about William’s behavior as a Net:

“There is a paradox to Williams, too. He often acts surly and standoffish, rubbing people the wrong way at all levels of the organization. He can prompt eye-rolling, like when he walked off the practice court last season to get a nail clipper from the trainer because of some cuticle issue. “

Want more? Just ask Paul Pierce.

5.His numbers dropped

Deron’s numbers were on the decline.

Don’t believe me, well here are the numbers:

(via http://www.basketball-reference.com)

6.You won’t have to find him

7.The injuries

Since coming to the Nets, Williams was constantly injured. Literally, when he was traded to the Nets he already had an injured wrist that required surgery. From that point on he dealt with everything from reoccurring ankle issues to bruised ribs.

Watching Williams play over the last few season it is evident the injuries have taken a tole on Williams and his play.

8.The Nets can take the next step

The Nets knew Deron Williams wasn’t going to magically become a top point guard again and carry them to the NBA Finals, so they moved on. Now the Nets will be able to let some of their young players develop and have cap-flexibility in the near future. Two things that haven't been associated with the Nets in recent years.

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