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The Free Agency Profile for the Minnesota Timberwolves

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Minnesota Timberwolves , (16-66). -(5th Northwest Division, 15th Western Conference)

Season Summary: The Timberwolves had a horrible year in terms of actually winning games but it was expected. This team is still very young, but the upside and potential were seen on several occasions. Zach Lavine showed off his crazy athleticism and at the age of 20 his game could evolve. Andrew Wiggins looked as solid as any number one overall pick could look, and won Rookie of the Year, this will be the first of many awards for him as he continues to mature and grow. Despite these two up and comers the Timberwolves faced injuries throughout the season to guys such as, Kevin Martin, Ricky Rubio and Nikola Pekovic. Now having these players healthy wouldn’t by any means make this team a contender ,but a few more wins could’ve been tallied. I suppose that they didn’t care since they landed the first overall pick in the draft and selected Karl Anthony Towns, who should fit nicely on this roster.

Cap Space: Over the Cap.

Team’s Free Agents:

Kevin Garnett, F. Unrestricted

Robbie Hummel, F, Restricted

Justin Hamilton C, Unrestricted

Lorenzo Brown, G, Unrestricted

Will They Stay or Go: Kevin Garnett has already said he wishes to return, it’s simply just getting the deal done. Garnett is fully aware his minutes will be cut further as he rises in age, but his role as a mentor and leader is really what he’s coming back for. For the other guys it is really unknown.

Team Needs: Bench - The Timberwolves don’t have a solid starting five yet but their role players aren’t even role players on most teams. There’s no scoring threat or anyone who can run the second unit efficiently.

Healthy Big - Nikola Pekovic isn’t a good or bad center, he’s actually rather effective when healthy. Key issue is “when healthy,” finding a big who can stay out there and be productive is what the Wolves need, drafting Towns could be that answer.

Possible Targets: Do to roster space and current salary cap, unless a trade is made there is unlikely to be any targets during this offseason.


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