• Ryan Ray

Spurs Looking to Build Another Dynasty

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Splitter out? Check. Green re-signed? Check. Duncan re-signed? Check. Leonard re-signed? Check. The San Antonio Spurs are doing what the Spurs do best, building a dynasty. With Splitter out, the Spurs now have the cap room to add LaMarcus Aldridge to their roster. If they can land Aldridge, the Spurs should be the favorites to win it all in 2016. Apart from Aldridge, Manu Ginóbili remains to be the biggest question mark left from the Spurs 2014-2015 roster. Recent reports are indicating that Ginóbili is leaning towards retirement. His lackluster playoff performance leads me to believe that he may be at the end of the road physically, even if he does return. With the resigning of Leonard, the Spurs have the first piece of their next dynasty. Closing Aldridge would be the final addition to put more rings on Pop’s fingers.

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