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The Free Agency Profile for the Washington Wizards

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Washington Wizards (46-36)

The Washington Wizards had a moderately successful season this year. They finished fifth in the Eastern Conference and knocked out the, 49-33, Toronto Raptors in the first round of the playoffs. Their season came to an end at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks in the next round, but if their point guard, John Wall, wasn't injured they may have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals. Speaking of John Wall, he played great this season. His point average dipped by two, but his assists rose by 1.2 as he averaged a double double this season (17.6 ppg and 10 apg). At only 24 years old and under contract with the Wizards until 2019, Washington has a bright future, but they can always add more players to surround him.

The 2015-16 salary cap is projected to be 67.1 million dollars. The Washington Wizards roster is around 64.2 million dollars, and with Paul Pierce opting out of his contract and potentially leaving the team, the Wizards only have the mid-level exception to spend.

They have five free agents this year:

Kevin Seraphin (PF) UFA

Drew Gooden (C) UFA

Will Bynum (PG) UFA

Rasual Butler (SF) UFA

Paul Pierce (SF) Opt Out

The Washington Wizards should try to keep Paul Pierce, but it looks like he may bolt to go to the Los Angeles Clippers. Kevin Seraphin is also another player they should try to re-sign because he had a decent season off the bench (6.6 ppg and 3.6 rpg) and is another big body they can use.

If Paul Pierce leaves, the Washington Wizards will need a new starting forward. They can also use more three point shooters for Wall when he penetrates the lane. There are several free agents available for them.

Thaddeus Young (UFA): Thaddeus is a highly skilled forward that is a perfect fit for this team. He doesn't need any plays ran for him, so the Wizards can focus on Bradley Beal and Wall scoring. Young also can finish around the basket and is a solid defender. At only 27 years old and a 14 ppg career average, Young is a great piece to add to the young core of the Wizards. The Wizards can only offer him the mid level exception, but Young would have a great chance at winning with the Wizards.

Mike Dunleavy (UFA): Dunleavy would be a cheap great pick up for the Wizards. He's a knock down shooter that played well for the Bulls last season. He shot the three at 40.7 percent last season, so his three point shooting would definitely be needed. He can fill in for Pierce by being another knock down shooter and space the floor.

Arron Afflalo (UFA): Arron is a great three point shooter, but more importantly, a great defender. This can take less pressure off Wall and Beal on the defensive end of the floor so they can focus more on offense. With Arron in the lineup, the Wizards get a tough perimeter player and a shooter that can knock down shots off Wall's penetration. Last season wasn't great for Arron, which means he is hungry and has something to prove. The Wizards should pick him up.

Miscellaneous: Here are players that the Wizards should try to get, but most likely won't due to either no cap room or the team will most likely match their offer.

Kawhi Leonard (RFA); Iman Shumpert (RFA); Josh Smith (no cap); Draymond Green (RFA); Jimmy Butler (no cap)

The Wizards not having any cap room killed them this summer because there are a lot of good free agents this year, but maybe they can clear some for next year and possibly pursue the best scorer in the game, Kevin Durant.

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