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The Free Agency Profile for the Boston Celtics

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Boston Celtics, 40-42 (Second Atlantic, Seventh Eastern Conference)

The 2014-2015 NBA season was very interesting for the Boston Celtics. Some people believe it was a success due to the fact that they made the playoffs, while others would rather have seen them try and acquire a lottery pick. They were swept in the first round at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it still was valuable for the Celtics as it gave a young team playoff experience. The Boston Celtics are going to be a much better team moving into the 15-16 season.

Cap Space: $2,442,254 Million ($22,356,348 Million in Cap Holds)

With approximately $42 million in active contracts for next season, the Celtics could potentially have a little less than $25 million in cap space once their current free agents are signed elsewhere.

Free Agents:

Jae Crowder (RFA) – Cap figure: $1,181,348

Jae Crowder is a man that Boston loves. He brings a hard working spirit to the team and a “can-do” attitude that all Bostonians love. Crowder has shown he can play and succeed in this league after he came to the Celtics this year and played better than he had on the Dallas Mavericks. He is a player this squad needs for the future.

Luigi Datome (RFA) – Cap figure: $2,275,000

Datome most likely will not be back. The Celtics are much better off not keeping him and freeing up slightly over $2 million in cap space. Datome played limited minutes in the playoffs and is someone the Celtics will have no problem getting rid of.

Brandon Bass (UFA) – Cap figure: $10,350,000

As much as the Boston area likes Bass, he might have to move on. A lackluster playoff performance and the fact that the Celtics will be targeting his position this offseason leads me to believe that he may be gone.

Jonas Jerebko (UFA) – Cap figure: $8,550,000

Jerebko along with Datome, are locks to be on their way out of Boston. These players were here for a short time but their time is up. However, if I were to choose between Datome and Jerebko, my money would be on Jerebko returning to Boston.

Team Needs:

Small Forward: A strong all around wing that will provide depth to this young squad.

Center: Most likely in the form of a superstar that will move this team to another level.

Possible Targets:

Tobias Harris: It has already been reported that the Celtics have interest in him. Harris would fill the need at small forward and would give the Celtics the all-around wing they have been looking for.

DeAndre Jordan: The Celtics need defense and size in the paint, who better than DeAndre Jordan. He would instantly give the Celtics a presence in the paint with his shot-blocking, rebounding and finishing ability.

DeMarcus Cousins: A player that this team wants and needs. He is ready to move on from the Sacramento Kings and the Celtics have what the Kings will want for him. Cousins will create the dominant and consistent scoring from the paint. Boogie has the chance to be the face of this franchise along with Isaiah Thomas.




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