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The Free Agency Profile for the Dallas Mavericks

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Dallas Mavericks, 50-32

Season Summary: The Dallas Mavericks started off the season as one of the best teams in the Western Conference . For a while they were one of the top offensive teams in the league, until they made the trade that ultimately was the downfall to their season. The Mavs traded for Rajon Rondo in an effort to become a championship contender in the challenging Western Conference. The trade was just not a good fit, Rondo created chemistry problems on the court, and disrupted the flow of the Mav’s offense. Despite the inconsistencies during the second half of the season they still won 50 games and finished with the seventh seed out west, but the disaster of the Rondo trade was put on full display during their first round series versus the Houston Rockets. Rondo was disinterested and looked as if he was intentionally playing poorly, and public arguments between he and Rick Carlisle got ugly, and eventually lead to Rondo being sent away from the team during their series. This led to the Mavericks losing the series in five games.

Cap Space: 38.9 million

Team’s Free Agents:

Tyson Chandler, Center, Unrestricted Free Agent

Rajon Rondo, Point Guard, Unrestricted Free Agent

Greg Smith, Center, Unrestricted Free Agent

Charlie Villanueva, Power Forward, Unrestricted Free Agent

Richard Jefferson, Small Forward, Unrestricted Free Agent

J.J. Barea, Point Guard, Unrestricted Free Agent

Amar’e Stoudemire, Power Forward, Unrestricted Free Agent

Bernard James, Center, Restricted Free Agent

Who stays and who goes: It is a forgone conclusion Rondo will be gone, I believe Amar’e wasn’t thrilled with his time in Dallas and will look to compete for a championship elsewhere. Villanueva and Jefferson are getting a little too old and their spots could be used to get other role players or save cap space. The Mavericks will be open to bring back the two players that helped them capture an NBA title five years ago, Chandler and Barea. Those two are likely to be back, with Barea the more likely of the two, because there are more big men free agents then guards out there.

Team Needs: They need a starting point guard who can shoot and move the ball. If they don’t re-sign Tyson Chandler they will need a center, and more shooters.

Possible Targets:

LaMarcus Aldridge: Aldridge is from Texas and has showed interest in coming home. Dirk Nowitzki has already expressed a desire to have Aldridge, and said he would come off the bench, imaging Dirk as a sixth man makes the Mavs very deep and dangerous team next year.

DeAndre Jordan: If the Mavs decide not to re-sign Chandler they will look to get a younger big man to pair along with Dirk. DeAndre will be on the top of the Maverick’s list of big men.

Greg Oden: The former number one overall pick has been working out with the Mavs and has been invited to their free agent mini-camp.

Gary Neal: The Mavs could use another point guard, and getting one who can shoot is important. A guard signing becomes more important if Barea doesn’t get re-signed.

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