• Jonathan Kim

Which Players Raised Their Fantasy Value in the Finals

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*Photo via AP

After the NBA Finals concluded many players’ stocks from both teams have risen for me. In the upcoming 2016 season, NBA fantasy users should be on the lookout for Draymond Green, Tristan Thompson, Harrison Barnes, and JR Smith.

J.R. Smith has been playing better basketball since the trade to Cleveland. I suppose being embraced by LeBron James does make a larger difference than Carmelo. Smith credits his better play to his rejuvenated focus while living in Cleveland. Since the trade JR has averaged seven three-point attempts a game and for his career just above five, making a respectable 39%. Though Smith is usually streaky, he brings a spark and can work fast and should be a nice pickup for fantasy owners.

ALERT! Harrison Barnes may be on the move. The three year "Tar Heel" has a nice all around game and should only improve year after year. Barnes has only missed five games in his three year career and will give you consistent points per game, rebounds per game, and a three ball. Barnes is still a starter, but only plays 27 minutes per game since the Golden State Warriors are so talented.

Tristan Thompson was arguably the best defender for the Cavaliers. The 24 year old has blossomed into a rebounding machine and shows All-Star level potential for the Eastern Conference. He should stay healthy for the whole season and will not run into foul trouble, only averaging two fouls a game. He is a threat on the glass and if Kevin Love leaves this season Thompson should only continue to blossom. With or without Love, Thompson will help your rebounds per game, blocks per game, and points per game, though his free-throw shooting needs improvement watch out for Thompson to have another solid year and be taken by the 7th round.

Before this NBA season began "many" NBA fantasy sources did not have Draymond Green in their top 150 rankings. He was either a lucky 12th round pick or still free agent after a month into the season. (http://bit.ly/1MYT1he) Now, the runner up for Defensive Player of the Year will arguably be taken by the second round or at least the third in most drafts next season. Fantasy owners will get another glimpse of Green’s career season now that David Lee may be on the move. Green should increase even more in all categories but if he stays the same that will be great!

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