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The Free Agency Profile for the Philadelphia 76ers

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The Philadelphia 76ers' season could be considered a success or failure depending on how you look at it. They finished 14th in the Eastern Conference and failed to make the playoffs, however, they earned the third pick in the draft, which is great for a team that's rebuilding. Nerlen Noel was the Sixers lone bright star as he has a great future ahead of him. However, the team also had a setback as Joel Embiid has re-aggravated the injury that kept him out all of last season. The 76ers are definitely looking forward to the NBA Draft and free agency.

The Philadelphia 76ers have around 32 million dollars available in cap space, meaning they can sign any player to a max contract.

They must take care of their own free agents first though. They have eight this year:

Jason Richardson (SG) UFA

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (PF) UFA

Thomas Robinson (PF) UFA

Ronny Turiaf (C) UFA

Robert Covington (SF) RFA

Henry Sims (C) RFA

Ishmael Smith (PG) UFA

Glen Robinson III (SG) RFA

It is undetermined whether or not the 76ers will keep any of these free agents, but some of these players have played well for them. Thomas Robinson and Ishmael Smith have played well for the Sixers, they should keep these two players, especially since they won't hurt their cap space.

As for the other NBA free agents, the 76ers could definitely use some of them on this year's team. They can go for a point guard, which they desperately need. Depending on whether or not they draft D'Angelo Russell, here's a few free agent point guards they can go after.

Rajon Rondo (UFA): Rondo is looking for a big pay day and with his performance this season he may not get it. However, he's still a good player and the Sixers can shell out a few extra bucks to pay him. Rondo is only 29 so he can definitely run this team for a few years and help make players such as Noel and Wroten better. He would be a great pickup.

Brandon Knight (RFA): Knight is perfect for this team. A young, hardworking, talented point guard, he would be a great fit for Noel. Knight averaged 17 points per game and 5 assists. He's a very underrated guard and would be a part of a great nucleus with Noel and Embiid. The problem, however, is that Knight is a restricted free agent which means that the Phoenix Suns can match any offer that is given to him. If they don't match then the 76ers would come away with a steal.

If the Sixers get their point guard the next position they should seek is center. It's unclear if Joel Embiid is out for another season, but if he is the Sixers should pursue these centers.

Marc Gasol (UFA): Now this is a long shot as Marc would rather play for a contender, but the 76ers have cap space and money can persuade anyone. Gasol is arguably the NBA's best complete center. A former Defensive Player of the Year and a proven scorer. Gasol would be a great asset alongside Noel. They would dominate the paint and be a force for years to come.

Andrea Bargnani (UFA): Now the 76ers should pursue Enes Kanter, but he's almost guaranteed to be matched. Bargnani is a great consolation prize. He's a stretch big that can knock shots from the outside and can leave Noel in the paint to do his damage. Defensively, he's a liability, but that won't be a problem because Noel is a great defensive player. The 76ers should definitely give him a look.

These are some of the players the 76ers should pursue. The best part is that none of these players will break the bank, leaving them with enough cap room to pursue bigger name free agents in 2016. The free agency period begins in July, hopefully the 76ers can come away with one of these players and improve their team.

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