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The Free Agency Profile for the Chicago Bulls

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Chicago Bulls, 50-32

Season Summary: The Chicago Bulls definitely had another roller coaster season. They had the usual injuries that have plagued them in the past.Derrick Rose missed more time with yet another knee injury and Jimmy Butler also missed time for a shoulder injury. The Bulls were also dealing with an injured Joakim Noah this season as he was not the Defensive Player of the Year caliber player he was in 2014. The Bulls were able to get 50 wins in the East and a 3rd seed, but they did not have the team to get past the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Now the Bulls are heading into an offseason with a new coach in Fred Hoiberg and a lot of questions that need answering as they will try to address their team needs in the NBA Draft and NBA Free Agency.

Cap Space: $17,149,378

Free Agents:

Mike Dunleavy Jr - Unrestricted Free Agent

Jimmy Butler- Restricted Free Agent

Aaron Brooks - Unrestricted Free Agent

Nazr Mohammed - Unrestricted Free Agent

Kirk Hinrich - Player Option

Will They Stay or Go? The Bulls have some decision making to do, as they are planning on offering Jimmy Butler a max five-year contract. However, according to recent news, they are reporting that Butler wants to sign a short term deal and could possibly sign to another team. He is a restricted free agent, so the Bulls can match any offer sheet he signs. I ultimately see Butler back in a Bulls uniform for years to come.

The Bulls could offer Dunleavy a small contract, but he may want another two year deal around six million again and the Bulls may not go that high with him. I see him leaving for another team as well as Brooks. The Bulls are looking to the NBA Draft for a backup point guard as Rose just can't be counted on to play full seasons for anymore. I also see Mohammed either leaving or retiring and Hinrich will most likely accept his player option to stay with the Bulls.

Team Needs:

  • Perimeter Shooters - The Bulls need to target a perimeter shooter in this year’s free agency. It is rumored that the Bulls are trying to trade Noah and Gibson to clear up cap space to sign a perimeter shooter such as Wesley Matthews .

  • Young Point Guard- It is clear that Rose cannot stay healthyfor a full season. Brooks did a good job, but it's time to start looking into the future at the point guard position.

Possible Targets:

  • Wesley Matthews: Matthews is an elite three-point shooter. If the Bulls can create cap space by trading Noah or Gibson to sign a guy like Mathews, they can be a lethal shooting team in the 2015/2016 season.

  • Dwyane Wade- This seems unlikely, but so did Lebron, Kyrie and Love. If the Bulls can get Wade to take a pay cut, they can offer him a deal and a chance to play in his hometown. His veteran experience could be a huge asset if the Bulls land Wade.

  • J,J. Barea- I think this is a guy that the Bulls should target as their backup point guard as well as drafting a point guard in the draft. He brings leadership and a great attitude and I think he would be a perfect fit for this Chicago team.

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