• Kory Waldron

5 Takeaways From the Cavaliers in Game 4

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The Cleveland Cavaliers after the first quarter, simply looked like an exhausted team in the 103-82 beatdown by the Golden State Warriors. The stat of the night for the Cavs was their shooting, from long range they were horrid. The Cavs shot 33 percent from the field and 14.8 percent from three, they were unable to string together any strong runs.

1.We witnessed for the first time this series, LeBron James struggling and not being able to control the game. LeBron, however, did just miss a triple-double after scoring 20 points, grabbing 12 rebounds and dishing out eight assists. LeBron looked slower and less aggressive and shot seven for 22 from the field. LeBron James took a beating as well tonight, the Warriors played him very aggressively and Andre Iguodala was extremely effective. LeBron will need to rest up these next two days in order to come out in a crucial Game 5 similar to the first three games.

2.The leading scorer for the night was from an unlikely source, Timothy Mozgov. Mozgov scored a game-high 28 points while grabbing 10 rebounds. Mozgov seemed to be where the focus of the Cavs offense was tonight, due to the Warriors running small. If Mozgov can continue to control the paint and put more pressure on the Warriors when LeBron heats up. If so the Cavs will retake the form of the Cavs in Game 2 and 3.

3,The Cavs benched did another no-show act, only seven points between five players. J.R Smith who I had expected to play big tonight was yet again a DUD! Smith had just FOUR points, in which he shot TWO FOR TWELVE! He is known for quick offense and highlight reel plays. yet he hasn’t produced anything in four games. J.R Smith needs to come out with a fire under his @ss and produce, especially on this team with limited offensive options.

4.The Cavs need to learn from the mistakes of Game 4 to ensure a victory in Golden State. The Cavs ended up winning the rebound category, but for most of the game the much smaller Warriors lineup was out-rebounding the Cavs. This rebounding proved to be a huge factor in the turnaround the Warriors had in the second quarter to take the lead. The Cavs must force pressure down low and play extremely physical, to not only grab rebounds, but to score and get to the line.

5.Despite the 22 points scored by Stephen Curry, he was relatively ineffective. He started off the game again shooting just two for 10, where the Cavs missed a huge chance to take control of the game and build a lead. Stephen Curry will find his shot before this series is over, but for however long it continues the Cavs must take advantage. The more pressure that is on Curry the more he seems to struggle to find a rhythm, there isn’t a way to stop him, but you can slow him down.

Notable Mention: Andre Iguodala with a huge Game 4 performance in which he completely overshadowed LeBron James. Iggy had 22 points and played tough physical defense against LeBron James. Congrats Iggy on another solid performance.

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