• Marc Cantave

5 Takeaways From the Warriors in Game 2

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*Photo via NBATV

Warriors Player of the Game:

Klay Thompson 34 points 5 rebounds

Series Tied 1-1.

1. Stephen Curry needs to play better.

Curry is going to have to be better in this series for the Golden State Warriors to come away with the championship. In Game 1 he shot 10 for 20, but missed a lot of crucial shots for the Warriors and tonight's game was the same thing. He shot just 2 for 10 in the first half and was shut down most of the game by Matthew Dellavedova. Curry finished the game shooting 5 for 23 and shot an airball in a clutch moment towards the end of overtime. He also shot just 2 of 15 from the three-point line. The MVP needs to play better if they are going to win this series.

2. Cavs' defense causes problems for the Warriors.

Starting with Dellavedova's defense on Steph Curry, the Cleveland Cavaliers defense was stifling especially on the perimeter. The Cavs didn't play particularly well on offense, however, their defense on the Warriors was tremendous. The Warriors shot just 8 for 35 from the three-point line. They will not win any games if they continue to shoot that bad from three. The Cavs also forced 18 turnovers. The Warriors have to take care of the ball as they ended the game with a turnover.

3. Klay Thompson kept them in the game.

Klay Thompson was on fire tonight. If he didn't play well the Warriors would've gotten blown out. Thompson allowed the Warriors to hang around with his perimeter shooting and decision making. He scored 34 points, mainly in the first half as he kept them in the game and put them in position to go into overtime.

4. Warriors decision-making is questionable.

The Warriors had way too many bad shots in this game. Too many times the Warriors shot the ball with no one near the basket, early in the shot clock, or just an off balanced low percentage shot. They also had 18 turnovers, making unnecessary passes, and carelessly giving away possessions.

5. Andrew Bogut needs to make an impact.

Andrew Bogut was nowhere to be found this game. As the only legitimate center on this team, Bogut had no impact on this game forcing Steve Kerr to bench him. He only played 25 minutes and had two points and 10 rebounds. Mozgov and Thompson outplayed him. The Warriors need better production out of him.

Game 3 is Tuesday at 9pm on ABC.

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