• Marc Cantave

5 Takeaways From the Warriors​ in Game 1

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*Photo via NBATV

Warriors Player of the Game

Andre Iguodala 15 points. 3 rebounds. 2 assists

1. LeBron James is unstoppable in the post.

In Game 1, Lebron James scored 44 points, with a lot of them coming primarily in the post. LeBron dominated in the low post in this game as he shot a high percentage in the paint . In order for the Warriors to continue to win, they must collectively stop LeBron's post game.

2. Andre Iguodala's play is crucial for the Warriors.

Iguodala had an outstanding Game 1 as he played a pivotal role in the Warriors' fourth quarter run. He played LeBron as good as anyone has this season as he forced him to miss some tough shots, including the buzzer-beater. He set the tone for the second unit as he grabbed rebounds, made defensive plays, and scored when needed. Iguodala was the Warriors best player in Game 1 and he must continue to play at that high level.

3. The Warriors bench is deeper than the Cavs.

The Cleveland Cavaliers went scoreless in overtime until LeBron scored on a meaningless bucket with under 30 seconds to play. The Warriors have more depth on their roster than the Cavs and overtime proved it as the Cavs looked gassed and tired in the extra period. Led by Iguodala, the bench made up for the early sloppy plays and ineffectiveness of the Warriors’ starters. The Warriors' bench outscored the Cavs' bench 34 to nine.

4. The more aggressive team will win.

At the beginning of the first quarter, the Cavs came out aggressively and grabbed a double-digit lead early. However, as the game progressed the Warriors became the more aggressive team. The team that puts the most pressure will prevail in this series as the Warriors shot 22 free throws to the Cavs 19 (with the Cavs’ attempts coming mainly in the first half).

5. The Warriors must continue to play team defense.

With the help of Andre Iguodala, the Warriors defense was great especially in the second half. They held the Cavs two best players ( Lebron and Kyrie Irving) to 28-60 shooting, which is impressive considering how hot they started. The Warriors held the Cavs to two points in the overtime period and limited their scoring at the end of the fourth quarter. Defense was key for the Warriors and if they continue to play great team defense, they will win the series.

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