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Kerr vs. Blatt

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This is it. 82 games, a year of ups and downs, and one common goal has led to this moment. A few years prior, some would think that these two franchises would never really see the chance at a playoff berth, let alone being the last team in their conference to represent as the NBA's best.

Both really making a rookie debut in the playoffs, Steve Kerr and David Blatt both have a lot to prove. Fate had basically turned on them when Blatt took the head coaching job in Cleveland, leaving Kerr in the Golden State to start his crusade.

Blatt has had experience coaching that stems from over two decades of leading European basketball.The level and competition in North America was more fierce and he had to adapt quickly. What made matters worse for Blatt was that LeBron announced his arrival back in Cleveland shortly after Blatt accepted the head coaching job. Now that the King is back in town, everyone is expecting a championship to say the least.

Steve Kerr has been immersed in NBA practically his whole life. Playing for championship teams and working as an assistant coach under legendary NBA coaches Greg Popovich and Phil Jackson has given him a slight advantage.

It will be interesting to see how these match-ups come alive in the NBA Finals. On one hand, you have the Cleveland Cavaliers, powered by LeBron James and his cast of powerful guards and big men. These guys take up space on the floor, rebound hard, and get out on the fast break.

On the other hand, you have the Golden State Warriors, powered by Stephen Curry and his cast of floor generals and hungry young players.

Both teams at home are a danger once the crowd gets into the game as well. So Blatt's goal has to be to keep Kerr's sharp shooters at bay and let their experienced players lead the team. Kerr's goal must be to shut down all interior scoring and work cohesively together like they have continuously shown.

DO NOT miss this series! It will be one of the greatest to ever be played. Tune in tonight as the Golden State Warriors will be hosting the Cleveland Cavaliers for Game 1 of the NBA Finals at 9 p.m. ET on ABC!

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