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Andrew Bogut vs Timofey Mozgov

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Timofey Mozgov, Center, Cleveland Cavaliers:

2015 Playoff Stats- 9.1 ppg, 7.2 rpg, 0.5 apg, 47.5 fg%, 0.4 stl, 1.9 blk, 1.6 to


Mozgov has many strengths and one of them is his rebounding. Standing at 7-foot-1, it is tough to out-rebound a guy like Mozgov. One of his biggest strengths is playing alongside Tristan Thompson, as Thompson has helped lift some of the weight in the absence of Kevin Love.

There is no doubt that Mozgov means more to the Cavs now than ever, as he had to step up in the absence of Love to play more minutes and play a much bigger role than ever before. The Cavs have made a living this postseason with their offensive rebounds and second chance points. There is no doubt that the Cavs’ seven footer has stepped up.


Mozgov has stepped up to play more minutes and play a larger role on the Cavs, but he has been outplayed when Thompson is not on the floor with him. It almost seems that the Cavs thrive with Thompson at the center position and LeBron James playing at the power forward position, having J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert out there with Kyrie Irving.

This is when the Cavs are at their best offensively and defensively, and that is when Mozgov is not on the floor. He needs to step up his game offensively against a great Golden State Warriors defensive team.

Andrew Bogut, Center, Golden State Warriors:

2015 Playoff Stats: 5.3 ppg, 8.6 rpg, 2.0 apg, 57.6 fg%, 0.7 stl, 1.9 blk, 1.5 to

Strengths: Bogut has taken on a different role this season than he ever has before in his career and that is a big part of why the Warriors finished atop the NBA. Bogut has played less minutes than he has ever before in his entire career, but he makes the most of his time on the floor keeping him fresh and injury free. Having Bogut on the floor as a leader, and healthy, has been the Warriors biggest strength.

Weaknesses: It is clear that the Warriors are at their best with Bogut on the floor, and that time on the floor is very important to the Warriors’ team. One weakness for Bogut is foul trouble. He cannot be taken out of a game earlier than expected because of foul trouble. He had a tough time against Dwight Howard staying out of foul trouble, but his competition in Mozgov in the Finals is definitely no Howard, so Bogut needs to make sure he stays out of foul trouble to be on the floor as much as he can for his team.

Which player has the advantage?

There is no question that both Bogut and Mozgov mean a lot to their teams. They are both seven-foot centers who can rebound and play good defense. If I had to choose a team that has the edge at center between the two players, I’m giving the edge to Bogut and the Warriors.

The Warriors were one of the best defensive teams in the NBA this season and Bogut was a big part. Defense in the paint is going to play a big factor in the Finals and if Bogut can stay out of foul trouble, he should be a big factor in the Finals. His numbers are not as good as Mozgov’s this season. However, his presence on the floor has been a huge lift to the Warriors.

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