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Finals Predictions From the OTG Staff

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Here are NBA Finlas predictions from most of the OTG staff.

The MVP will top off his special season with basketball's most prestigious award, and send LeBron to an all-time NBA Finals record of 2-4. Warriors in 6 - Max Russo

I see the Warriors in 7. The bench will prove to be a factor for the Warriors.- Marc Cantave

My finals prediction is Golden State in 6- Autumn Matthews

Warriors in 5.- Brandon Maier

GS in 5 thrilling games. They have unmatched quality depth and multiple defenders to matchup against King James and his hobbled Cleveland Cavs- Parth Goradia

Cavaliers in 6. LeBron is a proven winner in this league and Steph Curry has a while to go. I believe one day Steph will beat LeBron, however, that day is not anytime soon.- Jack Falvey

I think if Thompson is on the court, Golden State will win in 6. Steph Curry is going to be putting on a shooting clinic! - John Zawiski

Cavs in 6. I'd like to see the Warriors win, but no player on the Warriors is ready for this stage. Draymond Green, Iman Shumpert, and Tristan Thompson will have big spots, but LeBron James might be having his best year ever.- Ryan Buchanan

Finals prediction: assuming Thompson is healthy for every game I think Warriors in 6. I think most teams in league history with their point differential have almost always won the whole thing.-James Horan

My prediction for the NBA Finals is Warriors in 6. I think the Warriors are just a much better team and the injury to Kyrie is going to be a problem for the Cavs, but Lebron will keep the Cavs in the series. - Joe Keller

The Cleveland Cavaliers in 6. Although the Cavs don’t have as much scoring talent as the

Golden State Warriors, they have numerous veterans with finals experience. They also have

LeBron James, who at this point in time might be playing the best all-around basketball of his

career.- Kory Waldron

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