• Kory Waldron

The Firing of Tom Thibodeau

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*Photo via AP

After constant rumors throughout the season, the Chicago Bulls today finally dismissed Coach Tom Thibodeau after five seasons. As much as it’s not a shock, at the same time it’s time to look how Thibodeau has done.

In five seasons, Thibodeau reached the playoffs every year and posted a regular season record of 255-139 for a .647 winning percentage. Along with this, he also managed to win Coach of the Year in 2010-2011 and brought the Bulls to the Eastern Conference Finals. However, Thibodeau did see a lot of playoff struggles. In the postseason, Thibodeau was just 23-28, with two first-round exits.

However, when looking at the teams he had as a whole, they haven't been loaded with talent. The Bulls great defense made them the solid, consistent threat that they were in the last five seasons, besides this past year.

Along with this, Derrick Rose has not been on the court for much of Thibodeau’s time with the Bulls. Rose has missed 213 games of the 394 games that Thibodeau has coached in the regular season. In the playoffs with Rose, the Bulls were 15-13, while without him they were just eight and 15.Considering Derrick Rose was the most talented player on this team until maybe last season, it hurt the possible greatness the Bulls could’ve seen under Thibodeau.

Thibodeau is now looking for a job, and while there’s only one job with an established playoff roster, being that of the New Orleans Pelicans. It seems for now that is the only likely destination for coach Thibs. No matter where Thibs goes that team will receive one, if not the best defensive minded coaches in the game today.

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