• Kory Waldron

5 Things the Houston Rockets Need to Come Back

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The Houston Rockets after losing on Saturday are down three to zero against the fast paced, high scoring Golden State Warriors. In NBA history when a team has gone down three games to zero, they've never been able to win the series. The exact record for teams down three games to zero is 0-116, history is not on the Rockets' side. However, this team has come back already this postseason against the Los Angeles Clippers, who were up three games to one.

1.The play of Josh Smith. I said it in an earlier piece following the Clippers series, when Josh Smith shoots over 45 percent the Rockets are six and one; However, when he shoots under 45 percent the Rockets are just two and six this postseason. With every game this point on being a win or go home, Josh Smith must find the success he had prior to this series.

2.Defensively the Rockets need to understand that Stephen Curry is going to score. With that being said, much like Game 1 and 2 which the Rockets were in till the end. They have to slow down the supporting cast. Now this is an extremely difficult task for any team when facing a stacked team such as the Warriors. However, hard physical defense and a slowed up of the tempo may help to throw off the shooters. Despite that being the game the Rockets like to play. The Warriors are just a better team when the pace speeds up and the Rockets must adjust accordingly.

3.James Harden was due for an off night after two games, shooting over 50 percent, and with Game 2 ending in the devastating fashion it did. Now to keep his team’s season alive James Harden will be asked again to carry a heavy offense and defensive load. Harden needs to get guys like Dwight Howard and Terrance Jones involved early to allow them to play the in and out game they like to play. As well, Harden will need to be in full attack mode, driving to the paint and getting the Warriors big men in foul trouble will pay dividends.

4.Dwight Howard has had a fairly good series thus far following the knee injury he suffered in Game 1. Howard will need to be the defensive anchor for this Rocket team more so than ever. Howard needs to come out each game left in this series with the presence that if you come into the paint you’ll regret it. Likewise, offensively, he needs to demand the ball more. Howard should have no less than 20 points the rest of this series for the Rockets to have an actual shot. Between Howard and Harden, they need to match the Splash Brothers production.

5.Starting off strong, so far in this series the Rockets have had to play much of the game

trailing. A hot start will help cool off the nerves the Rockets are most likely feeling; this can also help fuel another series comeback similar to their prior series.

Remember when a team is trailing three games to zero they are 0-116, can the Rockets make tonight the start of a legendary comeback?

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