• Autumn Mathews

The Draft Outlook for the Miami Heat

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The Miami Heat are coming off a rough 2014-15 year. LeBron’s departure left the Heat struggling to find their rhythm.

Missing the playoffs for the first time in seven years has the team searching for something special with their tenth pick in the draft. Here are a couple of prospects that would mesh well with Miami.

1.Devin Booker SG, 6’6”, 206lbs

With Miami looking to draft a perimeter player, Devin Booker would be a great pick. Booker is the youngest player in the draft at only 18 years old, but his age doesn’t mean he lacks talent.

Booker played an important role on the Kentucky Wildcats’ successful team. He came off the bench for an average of 21.5 minutes per game. The young team had such a strong presence in the front court, but sometimes needed someone to knock down the outside shots, so that’s where Booker came in.

He is a solid shooter, shooting 41 percent from beyond the arc in his year at Kentucky. Many people have compared him to Klay Thompson. This shooting ability makes him one of the best shooting guards in the draft and a perfect match for the Heat.

Although he isn’t the best or biggest athlete in the draft, his competitive nature, knowledge of the game, and work ethic makes up for that. Booker would be a good fit for Miami to come off the bench and contribute with his fundamental, selfless style of play.

2. Kelly Oubre SF, 6’7”, 200lbs

Despite not having a very consistent season in his freshman year at Kansas, and having to fill the shoes of Andrew Wiggins, Kelly Oubre had many shining moments. His length and athleticism make him a valuable player in this year’s draft.

Most of Oubre’s strengths come on the defensive side of the game. With a 7’2” wingspan, he developed into a pretty tough defender, averaging 1.1 steals and .4 blocks in only 21 minutes a game. He also is very aggressive on the boards, coming all the way from the wing to average 5.0 rebounds per game.

Oubre shows potential on offense, too. He’s proven to be very effective when driving on fast breaks or in the half-court. He has a smooth jump shot, giving him a 44 percent field-goal shooting.

Miami also faces uncertainty regarding Luol Deng and whether or not he will opt out of his contract. If Deng does leave, that’s even more reason for the Heat to draft Oubre. He could add more depth to the roster at the small forward spot. With his athletic frame and two-way ability, Oubre would be a great pickup for the Heat.

Booker and Oubre are just two of the potential prospects for Miami. No matter who they go with, it’s apparent that they need to make a splash. They need someone to come in and quickly contribute off the bench. The theories on who will end up wearing that Heat uniform will continue to circulate until we all find out who Pat Riley and his staff select on June 25th.






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