• Marc Cantave

The Impact of Paul Pierce

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*Photo via USA Today

With the injury to point guard John Wall, the Washington Wizards have a tough road ahead of them as they are tied with the Atlanta Hawks at two games apiece.

The Wizards have already won a game without him as Paul Pierce banked in a shot at the buzzer to win Game 3. However, the next two games are crucial, and the Wizards have to win at least one to stay alive in the playoffs. Thankfully, the Wizards have Paul Pierce. Paul Pierce has been a positive addition for the Washington Wizards this season as he has helped them win games during the season and especially in the playoffs. Paul was huge in their series against the Raptors and has had an impact against the Hawks already with his buzzer beater. Without Wall, Pierce has to have a greater impact for the Wizards to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. He's already been given the ball in late game situations and has delivered. In a Game 4 loss, he scored 22 points on eight of 13 shooting, but missed a game tying three-pointer. Nonetheless, he played great that game and the Wizards came close to winning. Paul Pierce is averaging 17.2 points against the Hawks, and with Wall out, look for that average to increase. Pierce has made a career out of delivering in late game situations and he will have a chance to prove it again. Right now Pierce, along with Bradley Beal, are carrying the Wizards, and if the Washington Wizards advance, Pierce will be a huge reason why. After all, that is the reason they brought him here.

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