• John Zawiski

The Most Important Player on the Bulls Is ....

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The most important player for the Chicago Bulls is Derrick Rose.

Derrick Rose has never let the doubters and haters stop him from pursuing his dream of winning an NBA Championship. He continues to show fight, heart and perseverance as he continues to battle back from continuous injuries over the past three years. Friday night’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, shows why Rose is still the most important player for the Bulls.

The Bulls have a very good team and are entering the playoffs with a fairly healthy Rose for the first time since 2011. When the Bulls win, they usually get a good game from Rose and when they lose, it is usually because Rose has a bad game. The Bulls rely so much on Rose, making him the most important player for the Bulls, especially if they are to make a Championship run.

Rose had been averaging over 25 points per game in the playoffs on two days rest, and only 14 points per game on one day of rest. When the Bulls returned to the United Center for Game 3, Rose once again answered his critics as he had 30 points, seven rebounds and seven assists on one day of rest, including the game winning three pointer as time expired. Rose only attempted three, three-point shots as he went 10/26 from the field. Rose was attacking and driving to the rim, drawing double teams and he finally got back to the free throw line for the first time in the past four games.

Rose is the most important player for the Bulls for multiple reasons. The Bulls are so much better with Rose on defense and Rose has such an impact on the opposing team’s game-plan against the Bulls, making Rose the most important player for the Bulls. If Jimmy Butler goes down the Bulls would be in trouble, but his absence would not be as crucial to the Bulls as Rose’s absence from the team would be.

The Bulls run their offense through Rose. He is the Quarterback and leader of this Chicago Bulls team. He may not ever be the MVP caliber player he once was, but he knows he is a different player now. The Bulls in the past needed Rose to be the guy doing most of the scoring on the Bulls or else they would lose. This team now, needs Rose for his leadership on and off the court more than anything. He doesn’t need to be the leading scorer for the Bulls to win, as he was not the leading scorer on the Bulls this season, Butler was.

Rose is the offensive facilitator and foundation for this Bulls team. It is great to see a guy who has gone through so much continue to answer his critics. Rose has always been the most important player for the Bulls, his role is just different now. He has changed over time, but some things have never changed with Rose, such as his ability to score, his leadership and ability to hit clutch shots. He wants the ball in his hands with the game on the line and that is the kind of competitor you want leading your team.

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