• Marc Cantave

Will Wall's Injury Cost the Wizards the Series?

Wall wrist getty.jpeg

*Photo via Getty Images Washington Wizards' point guard, John Wall missed the last game due to injury and now it seems the injury is more serious than anticipated . According to ESPN.com, Wall has five fractures in his left wrist and hand, which means there is a possibility that he might not return to the series. This would be a devastating blow to the Wizards as he's the engine that makes the Wizards go. Wall is averaging 12.6 assists so far this postseason as he's been getting his teammates involved now more than ever. He's the driving force behind the Wizards offense and played a crucial role in the Wizards beating the Toronto Raptors in the first round of the playoffs. During this series so far, the Wizards committed 16 turnovers in the Game 2 without Wall as opposed to 6 in Game 1, which Wall played. Turnovers are critical against the Atlanta Hawks as they like to get out and run in transition. Without Wall, the Wizards would have to utilize Ramon Sessions a lot more and hope that he can provide in Wall's absence, which he has done well so far. However, without John Wall, the Wizards have a slim chance of beating the Atlanta Hawks. Despite having Paul Pierce, the Wizards are a young team and losing their floor general is bound to have a psychological impact on them. They may be too distracted to compete at the level we are accustomed to seeing. The Atlanta Hawks play well as a team and can capitalize on this injury to pull away and steal Game 3. After the way they beat the Wizards in Game 2, they definitely have what it takes to overcome the Wall-less Wizards and advance to the conference finals.

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