• Kory Waldron

Chris Paul Playing for His Legacy?

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*Photo via USA Today

In just 10 years of being a professional basketball player, Chris Paul has been in playoff action in seven of those 10 years. However, he has only made it to the second round in four of those seven years and never advanced into the conference finals.

Chris Paul is in the prime of his career sitting at age 30, like many before him the critics are starting to talk. Many feel that Chris Paul, with all of these early exits are proof he’s not a superstar. Paul has come into these playoffs seeming to use all the negativity and doubt as pure motivation. Paul is averaging 22.7 points per game, 7.9 assists with 4.6 rebounds while shooting 51 percent from the field.

When the Clippers have needed a basket or a big game against the Spurs; Chris Paul was out in front, leading the charge. In game seven against the San Antonio Spurs, Chris Paul suffered a strained left hamstring in the early first quarter. Hobbled and badly limited by the hamstring, Paul had one of the greatest games in recent history. Chris Paul had 27 points, six assists on nine for 13 shooting and was five for six from behind the arc, on just one leg. Not only did he have 27 points, as many of you know he hit the game winning lay-up as well.

Chris Paul has not played yet against the Huston Rockets yet, and his status for Game 2 is up in the air. However, with Chris Paul playing at this motivated level when he returns to action the Clippers look like a team headed straight to the conference finals.

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