• Marc Cantave

Are the Wizards a Contender?

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*Photo via USA Today

The Washington Wizards have won every playoff game since the playoffs started, but are they really a contender to win it all?

Out of the four teams remaining in the Eastern Conference, the Wizards and the Bulls have the most complete team, but the Bulls do not have a go to scorer like the Wizards.

The Wizards have arguably the best starting five in basketball. John Wall is a top ten point guard, Bradley Beal is a dynamic scorer, the Wizards front line is nothing to play with, and Paul Pierce, of course, is a future Hall of Famer.

They are currently in the second round of the playoffs facing the Atlanta Hawks and as of May 5th, are one game up on them. The Hawks are still relatively new to the playoff scene and the Wizards definitely have the pieces to knock them out and advance.

John Wall and Paul Pierce's play this postseason have been phenomenal. Wall has averaged double digit assists and Pierce has hit every clutch basket the Wizards needed. If they continue to play at that high a level, no one in the Eastern Conference can match up against them.

The Bulls do not have enough star power to take out the Wizards. They match up well, however down the stretch; Paul Pierce would be too much. The Cleveland Cavaliers would've been a favorite to beat the Wizards, but with Kevin Love's injury, the Cavs do not have the front line to match Washington's and the Wizards could sneak away with the victory.

The Wizards also have great bench depth. They have a forward who can stretch the floor with his three point shooting in Drew Gooden, a good backup point guard in Ramon Sessions, and a great all around player in Otto Porter Jr.. They have a great, well-rounded, team that can compete with anyone in the East.

The X-factor, however, is Bradley Beal. When he plays well, the Wizards are very tough to beat; he would be crucial in a possible NBA finals run. He averaged 20.8 points against the Raptors and had a great game one against the Hawks. If he continues to play like that, the Wizards are a true contender.

The Wizards are seven wins away from reaching the NBA finals and they seem to improve with each playoff game. If they continue to compete and play with passion and fight, they can reach the NBA finals this year and prove to everyone that they are championship contenders.’

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