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Clippers Miss out on Game 5 Win

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The San Antonio Spurs outlast the Los Angeles Clippers for the 111-107 win. This might of been the best game of the postseason thus far.

This game went right down to the wire, both teams had guys hit big shots down the stretch. Ultimately the difference was three-point shooting, the Spurs shot 47 percent from three and the Clippers shot seven percent. Yes, they really shot seven percent from three, only hitting one three the entire night. That is pretty crazy for an NBA game.

The Clippers started the game five of seven from the field, while the Spurs started one of seven from the field. This gave the Clippers an early 12-5 lead, something they were able to build on, and turn into a 27-13 lead. This hot start had a lot to do with Blake Griffin, who was aggressive from the tip.

The Spurs didn’t think much of the deficit, and respond with a 9-0 run to finish the quarter. Now the Spurs were only down five, not bad considering their start to the quarter.

The Spurs extended their run to start the second quarter, going from a 9-0 run to a 15-0 run. This gave the Spurs a one-point lead.

After a little back and forth play, the Clippers went on a run of their own.taking a six-point lead. The Spurs responded with the play of Patty Mills, who produced 10 points and three assist off the bench.

The half ended with the Clippers only up one, even with Blake Griffin putting up 21 points, eight rebounds, three assists and three steals, all in the first half.

The Clippers managed a six-point lead early in the third. Popovich answered with Hack-a-Jordan, and it worked. The Spurs went from being down six to being up five. Doc Rivers elected to put DeAndre Jordan on the bench, and that sparked a 10-1 Clippers run. Still the quarter ended up finishing with the two teams tied up.

The fourth quarter was full of great plays by both teams. Chris Paul embarrassed Danny Green on a hesitation move. Boris Diaw hit a crazy jumper before the shot-clock expired. Oh yeah, DeAndre Jordan’s dunks looked like they were going to break off the rim . Then Tim Duncan came up big with a huge block on Blake Griffin. Considering Blake is one of the best athletes in the league and Duncan just turned 39, that is an awesome play by Duncan, some great timing and positioning.

The game really came down to Spurs making the small plays. One play sticks out, the Clippers were down two and the Spurs just missed a free-throw. The Clippers needed this rebound, but failed to go and get it, instead Kawhi Leonard grabbed it and the Spurs went back to the line.

Player of the Game: Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan came up with some huge plays down the stretch, including his block of Blake Griffin. Duncan also posted 21 points and 11 rebounds, this man does not age.

Dud of the Game: Jamal Crawford. Jamal Crawford needs to shoot better, he only managed eight points on 15 shots. Crawford was also 0 from six from three, and missed a crucial one down the stretch.

Stat of the Game: The Clippers shot seven percent from three in an NBA game. It already is “pretty hard” to win against the Spurs, shooting seven percents makes it a lot harder.

The Clippers had a chance to win this game and put themselves in great position for this series, instead the Clippers are down three-two . Then throw in the fact game six will be in San Antonio. The Clippers just blew a big opportunity, it might end up costing them series.

The Spurs continue to make plays down the stretch and come up big when it matters most. They needed to hit more threes in this series, and tonight they responded. The Spurs are in great position to win this series, look for them to try to close this out at home.

Game six will be Thursday on TNT at 9:30pm.

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