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The Wizard Get the OT Win, 93-86

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Game 1: Washington Wizards vs Toronto Raptors

In the first game of the NBA Playoffs, the Washington Wizards took on the Toronto Raptors, and the Wizards came away with the 93-86 win.

The game started out slow as the score was just 7-5 mid way through the first quarter, with the most entertaining thing, being the "Paul Pierce sucks" chant by the Toronto crowd. The Wizards shot 1-10 to begin the game, while the Raptors committed several turnovers.

However, things picked up towards the end of the half. Paul Pierce hit four consecutive shots, including two threes, towards the end of the second quarter to get the Wizards offense going. He also got them going in the third quarter, extending their lead with another huge three. The Wizards broke open the game and led 74-59 with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, but Toronto responded.

Toronto went on a 16-3 run throughout the fourth quarter, to get within two points before an incredible three-point play by Bradley Beal. However, that did not break Toronto's confidence. Grevis Vasquez scored on a runner with one minute and 51 seconds left and hit a three to send it into overtime.

However, overtime was tragic for the Toronto Raptors as they went scoreless for four and a half minutes of the five minute overtime. Paul Pierce hit a huge three along with two free throws to ice the game. The Wizards won 93-86.

Player of the Game: Paul Pierce. He scored 20 points, while shooting 7-10 from the field and grabbing four rebounds.

Dud of the Game: This one is tough because of how awful a lot of the players played tonight, but it would have to be Bradley Beal.

He shot 6-23 from the field and just looked out of sync throughout the entire game.

Stat of the Game: Nene's 13 rebounds. These rebounds were crucial throughout the game and provided the Wizards with more opportunities to score.

Breakdown: The Washington Wizards are lucky to escape this game with a win. They won't win too many games with both of their top players (John Wall and Bradley Beal) shooting a combined 11-41, and they can't rely on 37 year old Paul Pierce to bail them out all the time. Wall has enough speed to bypass any player on the Raptors and should look to break down the defense instead of shooting jumpers.

Meanwhile, the Raptors need to get more out of DeMar DeRozan. He was basically non-existent as Vasquez had more of an impact on the game then he did. They also need to score down the stretch. Going scoreless for all of 30 seconds in the overtime is inexcusable.

The Washington Wizards stole home court from the Raptors, and, as of right now, it's their series to lose.

The Washington Wizards lead 1-0. Game 2 is on Tuesday night at 8pm on NBATV.

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