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What to Watch for Tonight

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*Photo via USA Today

Charlotte Hornets vs Toronto Raptor

-The Toronto Raptors still have a chance at the third seed with a Bull’s loss and a win of their own. If they lose, they have no chance at the third seed.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls

-If the Bulls win they lock up the third seed, if they lose, they would need a Toronto loss to earn the third seed.

Houston Rockets vs Utah Jazz

-This game will impact seeding for the Houston Rockets. The Rockets can land anywhere from the two,five,or six seed

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

-If Oklahoma City Thunder win and the New Orleans Pelicans lose, the Thunder are in the playoffs. If they lose they are out of the playoffs.

San Antonio Spurs vs. New Orleans Pelicans

- This game has value to both teams, more so for the New Orlean Pelicans though. If the Pelicans win they are in, if they lose they would need an Oklahoma City Thunder loss to get in. The San Antonio Spurs on the other hand, this game will only impact seeding. The Spurs can land anywhere from the two,three,five, or six seed.

Orlando Magic vs. Brooklyn Nets

-If the Nets win and the Pacers lose they are in the playoffs, if they lose they have no chance at the playoffs.

Indiana Pacers vs. Memphis Grizzlies

-This game matters for both teams, more for the Indiana Pacers though. If the Pacers win they make the playoffs with no needed help. If the Pacers were to lose, they would need the Brooklyn Nets to lose, to make the playoffs. The Memphis Grizzlies only need this game for seeding purposes, so this won’t be as important. They Grizzlies can land anywhere from the three,five, or six seed.

*Info via NBA.com and sbnation.com

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