• Kory Waldron

Pacers Finishing The Year Strong

george hill ust.jpg

*Photo via USA Today

Following Paul Georges return, the Indiana Pacers have been running on all cylinders. This week the Pacers won all three of their games against the New York Knicks, Detroit Pistons and Oklahoma City Thunder. With that being said the Pacers are in eighth seed in the East Conference with the Brooklyn Nets a half-game behind . However, The Pacers have two games left against the Washington Wizards and the Memphis Grizzlies. Luckily for the Pacers, the Nets on Monday night lost to the Chicago Bulls. This puts the Pacers in the driver seat now of their playoff hopes’, winning these final two games ensures the Pacers a playoff spot.

Over the last three games the Pacers are averaging 108 points per game, while giving up around 98 points per game, a key factor to their success this week. Alongside these numbers the Pacers shot just under 50 percent from the field. It’s safe to say the return of Paul George has elevated the play of his teammates, along with their confidence.

George Hill has continued to play some of his best basketball this year, averaging 17 points per game with a plus-minus of 15 over these last three games. Another key piece has been the stand out play of CJ Miles, who shot 50 percent from the field this week. As well as these two standouts, we saw Roy Hibbert and David West solidly contributing, with Paul George slowly fitting himself into the rotation. In these final two games of basketball, expect to see much of the same as this prior week. The Pacers are returning to playoff form right before our eyes, now that they have a hold of their destiny; will they seize the opportunity or let it slip by.

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