• Joe Keller

The Greatness of the Warriors

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*Photo via USA Today

The Warriors have been great this year, they hold the best record in all of the NBA, and will likely have the NBA’s MVP this year in Steph Curry. They have dominated the league this year. What they have accomplished is impressive, but it is also becoming historic.

If they win out they will have 67 wins, which would make them the first team since the 2012-13 Miami Heat to have 65 plus wins. To show how consistent the Warriors have been, that Heat team had a stretch of 27 in a row, the Warriors longest win streak this year was 16. If they win out, they will be tied for 6th with the most wins in a single season. Of the teams they are tied with or behind 7 of the 9 teams won the NBA Finals, which is good news for them heading into the postseason.

We’ve had this impression that the Warriors are a fast paced lights out 3 point shooting team, with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson draining 3s, but that is not all that they do. Yes their offense is number one in points per game, but they also share the ball better than everyone else, leading the league in assists. The high assist rate helped them to also lead the league in offensive efficiency. They also get it done on the defensive end leading the league in efficiency in that category as well. The last team to lead the league in both categories was the 1995-96 Bulls, who many consider the one of greatest teams ever. Having a topped ranked offense and defense is going to result in a great record, no surprise there, but they have not just won games, they’ve dominated their opponents.

They are winning their games by 10.2 points per game, the next highest point differential is 6.5 by the Clippers. If they hold with this plus 10 point differential, they will be just the 8th team in NBA history to do so. Of the 7 previous teams, 6 of them won the NBA Finals and the only one who didn’t, the 1971-72 Bucks lost in the Western Conference Championship to another team on that list, the Lakers.

As if their dominance wasn’t great enough let’s take a minute to realize that they are doing this in the Western Conference, where you can win 45 games and still not make the playoffs. The West has been the toughest and most talented during these past years than ever before, and the Warriors have dominated their counterparts going 38-10 in the daunted West. They’ve been so dominate that only one team in the entire NBA has beaten them more than once, and that is the defending champion Spurs. Good luck for any team that faces them in the playoffs to steal a game in Golden State, as they’ve been historically good losing just 2 games at home so far. This team is ready for a title run and if they accomplish their goal, we may be talking about one of the greatest teams ever when it’s all said and done.

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