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One Man Keeping the Nets Alive

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The Nets season has been like a slow roller coaster ride, there’s peaks and drops, yet it never picks up any speed. They have hit highs with wins over the Spurs, Mavs, Warriors, and Cavs, and yet dropped games to teams like the Timberwolves and Sixers. They also have trouble stringing wins together, and are yet to have a win-streak longer than three games. Plus plenty of times this year the ride looked dead, and the playoffs looked liked a prayer, especially during the Nets’ seven game losing-streak.Still they find themselves alive, and a chance to keep this thing rolling. This is thanks to Brook Lopez, he is carrying the Nets right into the postseason. Helping them win five of their last six games.

In those six games Lopez has been a beast, averaging 28.3 ppg, 9.3 rebs, 3 blks a game, and he is shooting 61.8% from the field. That is around 12 more points, 2 more rebounds, and another block than his season averages. Lopez has made his presence felt inside, taking more shots in the paint , and being more aggressive on the boards.A lot of teams do not have answer for Lopez when he is rolling offensively. His size and touch are a difficult cover. He also has had an impact defensively, using his size and length to protect the rim and block shots.. Lopez has also said he was feeling “healthy and strong” on the court over this last stretch , something you love to hear if you’re a Nets fan. This type of play could carry the Nets into the playoffs.

If Lopez continue this dominance on offense, and continues improving his rebounding and defense, the Nets could very well end up with that eighth seed. Something I did not expect to say after the season the Nets have had. The Nets aren’t going to make noise in the playoffs, but a strong presence in the paint is a nice asset come playoff time.

*Stats via NBA.com

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