• Macr Cantave

Should Brett Brown Remain as Coach?

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*photo via USA Today

Brett Brown is the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. He's in his second year with the team, and they are not playing well right now. They missed the playoffs last year and will miss it again this year. They went 19-63 last year and, as of March 28, are 18-55 for this season. That's a combined 37-118 and a 24% win percentage. So the question is, should Brett Brown remain as the coach of the Philadelphia 76ers despite losing over 75 percent of his games? The answer is yes!

That may sound outrageous, but let's look at the reasons why he should remain.

The Philadelphia 76ers are in rebuilding mode. A few years ago, they made the decision to haul off the roster and start fresh. Brown inherited a team with no player born earlier than 1988, with the exception of Jason Richardson, who did not play last season. They are the youngest team in the NBA, and in each of his two seasons they were without a key player, Nerlens Noel last year and Joel Embiid this year. Brown hasn't had much of a chance to show how well he can coach.

Also, despite losing so many games these past two seasons, the Philadelphia 76ers are actually playing really hard. They've shown signs of improvement on the defensive end and they play with intensity. They've won games against playoff teams that many did not think they could.

The players admire Brown and they respect him. With a potential top five pick and Joel Embiid returning next season, Brown should remain the coach so we can see what he really can do with this team.

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