• Nick Fay

Wiggins for ROY

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*Photo via USA Today

As the draft came along all eyes were on two in particular, Jabri Parker and Andrew Wiggins. The usual talks on who has the higher ceiling, who’s more built for the NBA, etc. It was split, myself has been on the Wiggins side since the first time I saw his high school highlight reel. With Parker getting hurt, the Rookie of the Year award is clearly going to Andrew Wiggins, who has played great in his rookie campaign. Kobe was quoted earlier in the season saying that, Wiggins reminded him a lot like himself. Kobe’s not far off both had similar crazy athletic ability. Then the move for Kevin Garnett isn’t to try and win anything, but having Garnett in that locker room; he’s the type of player who can mentor and help mature a young Wiggins, teach him how to be a pro. Wiggins on the year is averaging 15.9 PPG, 4.3 RPG while shooting 43.7 from the field, which isn’t awful for a rookie. However, since the All-Star break we’ve really seen Wiggins play pick up, averaging 20.9 PPG, 3.7 RPG, as well his shooting percentage is up to 47%. Wiggins also won his 4th straight rookie of the month entering March. We are slowly watching Wiggins coming into his own, this soon to be Rookie of the Year is just the tip of the ice berg.

*Stats via NBA.com

-By Kory Waldron

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