• Nick Fay

No Blake, No Problem

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*Photo via USA Today

After Blake Griffin went down, things looked a little shaky for the Clippers. They already were struggling, and losing one of the team’s best players doesn’t help. So it seemed like the Clippers would start to sink in the West. At first those predictions seemed correct, until Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan put the team on their back.They have lead the Clippers on their lastest 9 game stretch. We all knew these two would step up, but didn’t imagine this much. It seems without Griffin, Jordan is given a chance to showcase his skills even more.

Here we take a look at what Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan and what they have done in their last 9 games, where the Clippers are 7-2. Including wins over the Bulls, Rockets, Mavericks, Grizzlies, and Spurs. Some role players have stepped up, but most of these wins are because of Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan. Chris Paul has averaged 21.6 points and 12.6 assist a game during this 9 game stretch. That is 3.4 more points and 2.6 assist more a game than his season average. Jordan’s number have seen an even bigger jump during this stretch. Jordan is averaging 16.7 points a game and 20.8 rebounds a game in this 9 game stretch. That is 5.5 more points and 6.4 more rebounds a game, a pretty big jump. I would say these number back-up the idea that DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul have stepped up in Blake Griffin’s absence.

It will be interesting to see how Blake fits in when he returns. If all goes smoothly, the Clippers could be getting hot at the right time of the year.

*Stats via ESPN.com

-By Nicholas Diesing-Fay