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As the season winds down and teams battle for a playoff spot, the MVP race continues to be up for grabs. At this point, it’s almost impossible to call who will come out as this seasons MVP, but let’s set up the current top 4 candidates for MVP this year.

4. Russell Westbrook - At the 4 spot we have Russell Westbrook, who through all the Kevin Durant injuries is holding this team together and keeping them in the playoffs, in the deep Western Conference. Westbrook leads the NBA with 5 triple doubles, which in my mind have elevated him into the heart of this race, with 3 of them being in the same week. Westbrook is averaging 26.5 PPG, 8.1 AST, 6.8 RPG with a 4.9 +/-.

3. LeBron James - It’s hard to put LeBron at 3 on this list, but that just shows how close this race is. Through all the turmoil and rumors of LeBron being a one and done this year with the Cavs, the brief stint of injuries, LeBron is clearly back. If LeBron continues his play of late, which I don’t see why he wouldn’t, another MVP trophy could be on its way. LeBron is averaging 26.2 PPG, 7.2 AST, 5.7 RPG with a 7.8 +/-.

2. Stephen Curry – I was torn between the first two spots, but it came down to recent play and Curry has not been as sharp in the 2nd half, compared to Harden. Curry as we know has elevated his game to superstar status. Scoring at ease and hitting his teammates with the right passes. The one advantage Curry has in this race is he’s been at the top of this race since the season started, the Warriors are also the top Western team, which speaks for itself. Curry is averaging 23.9 PPG, 7.8 AST, 4.5 RPG with a 11.2 +/-.

1. James Harden – The new “King James”? Let’s relax with that however, Harden has been insane this year. Without Howard he continues to carry this team along, as well after all the defense criticism he was receiving , he’s been playing a complete 48 minutes this year. With Hardens recent win over LeBron and the Cavs it was impossible to rank him lower than 1, Fear the beard is staring at that MVP face to face. Harden is averaging 27.1 PPG, 6.9 AST, 5.8 RPG with a 4.6+/-.

All of these players have the Chance of being our MVP and can really be placed in any order. This race will be neck and neck until the end of the season, mark my words.

*All stats via nba.com

-By Kory Waldron

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