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Meltdown Brewing in Dallas

*Photo via USA Today

On December 18th of 2014 the Mavericks made a clear cut, lets win now move, by acquiring All-Star point guard, Rajon Rondo. Now the Mavericks have remained as a top level team in the West, however the Rondo trade hasn’t put them over the top like they and many others expected. Rondo is averaging .3 more points per game and shooting the ball .03 better, if that’s something to brag about. Rondo in the grand scheme of things hasn’t been good; he’s averaging 2.9 less RPG while shooting .238 from the free throw line. Too top it all off, the category he is most praised for, which is assists, he’s averaging 4.6 less per game. All these struggles and now the sideline argument with head coach Rick Carlisle and a one game suspension; have to make you wonder what is in store long term for Rondo and the Mavericks.

Rondo is a free agent at the end of the season, prior to these struggles and the latest incident, and with the talent around him, resigning seemed likely. However after all this we could very well see Rondo walk and the Mavs not chase him. If you recall his time in Boston with the original “Big 3,” he and future hall of famer, Ray Allen had several issues which eventually lead to Allen landing in Miami. Rondo has had a reputation of being hard headed and hard to deal with, a change of scenery doesn’t change that. It may be in Dallas’s best interest to let him walk if this becomes an ongoing situation, this team has talent and doesn’t need a cancer player affecting it.

-By Kory Waldron

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