• Nick Fay

Questions in New York

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Photo via USA Today

Will Carmelo Anthony return as the same player next season ?

The biggest concerns for the Knicks is the health of Carmelo Anthony. After investing big time money into Melo, the Knicks need him to be a dominant player.They need him to lead this team on a nightly basis, which he has proven he is capable of. The problem is Melo had to have surgery on his left knee, to repair a partial torn patella tendon. This an injury that he has been dealing with since last season. It was the right choice to elect for early surgery, if you asked me he should of did it sooner, but whatever. The recovery for this injury is around 6-8 month, so Melo should be fine by the start of next season. The Knicks need to make sure he takes as much time as possible. Other players who have had this surgery , careers have been impacted negatively.Dwyane Wade for example, no longer can play a full 82 game season and needs rest days on a regular basis,not to mention he has lost a little of his explosiveness. Some of that is age, but some of that is the injury. Then we have Danny Granger, who went from a quality starter to a role player after the injury. So there is a chance this injury could hurt Melo in the future, the extent is unknown. Melo will likely will still be the same player, but will he able to do it on a nightly basis is the question..

Who on this roster is worth keeping?

After a year like this, the Knicks have to wonder which of these players is worth keeping around in the future. It looks like they already started that process, when they traded away J.R.Smith and Iman Shumpert, and bought-out Amare Stoudemire. It was also reported they were trying to trade Jose Calderon at the deadline. The only player we know the Knicks plan to keep for a while is Melo, everyone else is unknown. Langston Galloway seems like someone who might be worth keeping around. The Knicks have been weary to let go of Tim Hardaway Jr. , but after his play this season who knows. For the most part of the season, he hasn't been able to crack the starting lineup on a team that is at the bottom of the league. Even with that said, he still has shown some promise. I think the Knicks will keep him, but will be more willing to deal him if the right move is there. With the exceptions of a few young guys. such as Alexey Shved and Cleanthony Early, who are still unknowns. The rest of the roster seems like role players on a good team. Those type of guys are always needed, it will be interesting to see whom they choose. I’m sure a lot will have to do with the price of their contract.

Will any big names sign this summer?

The Knicks have made it known they plan to make a move for a big-time free agent this summer. Names like Marc Gasol, LaMarcus Aldridge, and a few guys who are restricted free agents, and some with player-options. So the Knicks will likely end up with a very talented player, the question is how talented. The Knicks have cap, but is the situation attractive. Lets take a look, you get play for in a big market, in NYC, for a historic franchise, and play alongside Carmelo Anthony . Now some negative, other than Melo there no one to write home about on the Knicks’ roster as of now, a young head coach, and Melo is coming off surgery on his knee. With that said I don’t think they can pry away any of the top guys, but still could grab multiple quality starters. Which could end up being a better fit with Melo.

-By Nicholas Diesing-Fay