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The Trade Deadline and the Impact on the East

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It should be an exciting second half of the seasons with teams competing for playoff spots. Especially the bottom of the East, if you look at seeds 7 through 12 , they are only separated by 1.5 games. Then with the additions some of the teams made at the deadline, things should really spice up for the 7th and 8th spot. Here is a quick look at 7-12.

Miami Heat- The Heat looked like they would be rising in the standing, when they traded for Goran Dragic. Sadly, a day after the trade. the Heat find out Chris Bosh is out the rest of the season. Bosh was diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs, a serious injury. It will be impossible for the Heat to replace Bosh, especially now. Dragic will help the Heat, but it still won’t make up for the loss of Bosh. It looks like the Heat will be in the same boat prior to the trade, competing for one of those bottom spots.

Brooklyn Nets- The Nets looked like they were ready to blow it up at the deadline, but things didn’t go their way. Instead they ended up trading for Thaddeus Young and sending Kevin Garnett back to Minnesota. At this point in KG’s career, Young is an upgrade and gives the Nets some much needed athleticism and youth. He also has not minute restrictions and can play back-to-back games, something that can’t be said for KG. The one things the Nets will miss os KG’s leadership and energy. Still with that said, the Nets could end up with one of the last two spots. When healthy the Nets do have some talented players, it will be interesting to see how they play to end the season.

Charlotte Hornets- Prior to the season everyone was expecting big things from this team, but the team had a terrible start. Since though, they have bounced back and prior to the deadline made a move for Mo Williams. Mo will provide them with some offensive firepower, that the Hornets lack. Then in a few weeks, they should be getting back Kemba Walker. Walker is one of the best players on this team, so that is bigger than any move they could of made. Who knows maybe Lance Stephenson could pick his game up for the second half. I don’t think the Hornets are favorites for the last two spots, but they should be in the hunt.

Detroit Pistons- After losing Brandon Jennings to an injury for the remainder of the season, all hope for the Pistons looked lost, But instead, the Pistons were active at the deadline and made a move for Reggie Jackson. Jackson was unhappy in OKC and wanted a starting role on a new team. Jackson has shown he is a quality player in this league, it will be interesting to see how good he is with an expanded role. He could make or break the Pistons’ playoff run.

Indiana Pacers- The Pacers were active at the deadline, but failed to make any moves. Still the Pacers should be in the hunt, they just have a niche for grinding out wins. The lack of offense it the concern with Pacers. Good news for them is Paul George plans to return. It is still unknown to what level he will be able to play, but even if he play half as good as before, it will help the Pacers. If he comes back at his normal level, he is clearly better than any move the Pacers could of made. So the Pacers playoff chances depend on Paul George and his return.

Boston Celtics- The Celtics have clearly been in rebuilding mode the last two years. They have been constantly gathering assets. So it was interesting to see the Celtics make a move for Isiah Thomas. They did get him for a good price, just Marcus Thornton and one of their many first-round picks. Thomas, still young is probably likely part of their future plans. He should be able to give this team some scoring, but not much defensively being so undersized. In a season the Celtics were rebuilding, a playoff spot might fall into their hands. Thomas will try to make that happen.

Predictions: 7th Miami Heat

8th Detroit Pistons

9th Brooklyn Nets

10th Charlotte Hornets

11th Indiana Pacers

12th Boston Celtics

-By Nicholas Diesing-Fay

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