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Two Guards Who Want Out

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Here is the latest on Goran Dragic and Reggie Jackson

Goran Dragic:

-Most of the buzz at the deadline has been about Dragic.

-About a week ago ago Dragic sounded off about his frustration playing so much off the ball.

-Then just recently he requested a trade and voiced his issues with the Suns Front Office and how he doesn’t trust them.

-He also told the Suns he wasn’t interested in resigning this off-season.

-With his trade request he gave the Sun’s a short list of teams he wanted to be traded to.(Heat,Knicks, and Lakers)

-To top this all off it’s believed he is looking for close to a max deal for 4 or 5 years.

-He has reiterated he wants to be the primary ball handler and lead a team.

-The teams that have shown the most interest are the Kings, Celtics, and Rockets.

-Dragic is still one of the most likely players to be traded tomorrow, even with all of this said.

Reggie Jackson:

- OKC has tried to move Jackson all season, so it isn’t much news he probably played his last game for them.

- Jackson like Dragic is frustrated with his playing time and wants more minutes and to be a starter.

-Jackson also is a free-agent at the end of the year so any team picking him up is making a gamble.

-So far there has been a number of teams interested in Jackson ranging from the Nets to the Kings, Nuggets, Celtics, Pacers, and Rockets..

-Jackson will likely be traded before the deadline, so OKC can receive something instead of losing him to free agency for nothing.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out for both teams.

*Info via ESPN.CBS, and Yahoo

-By Nicholas Diesing-Fay

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