• Nick Fay

Teams That Need to Make a Move

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Phoenix Suns- The Suns need to make a move for two reasons, the first is Goran Dragic. Dragic has requested a trade, he also has voiced his frustration with his role and displeasure with the front office. He also has told the Suns he doesn’t plan on resigning with them this off-season, essentially forcing the Suns to trade him. Dragic hasn’t made it any easier for the Suns with his request, he also had a short list of teams of teams he would like to be traded to.. Those teams are the Knicks, Lakers, and Heat. Dragic also has made it known he is looking for close to a max 4 or 5 year deal this off-season. Meaning the team that trades for him plans on committing to his demands this summer or the trade is a waste of assets. So all of this kills most of the Suns’ leverage in a trade. The second the Suns need to make a trade is to keep their playoff spot. Both the Thunder and the Pelicans are starting to pick up their game and could make a move at the deadline. The Suns do have a surplus of guards, so logically it would make sense to trade one of them and help another position and create a more balanced team. The combination of these issues could make or break the Sun’s playoff chances.

Oklahoma City Thunder- The Thunder need to trade Reggie Jackson, that way they receive compensation before he leaves this off-season for nothing. OKC also could use another solid player for their bench or even maybe a starter. Jackson is talented player, but like the Suns with Dragic, OKC doesn't have much leverage. Due to the fact, reports have surfaced that Jackson turned down a max contract from OKC . It seems Jackson is more focused on being a starter and a chance to shine than the money. OKC has drawn plenty of interest from him and some of their other young players. It could be possible they could get a third team and make a move for a quality player. Surely it has to be something they are considering, especially with the team being so close to a championship the last few seasons.

Brooklyn Nets- The Nets have given this core group of players a shot and they didn't get anything more than a second round playoff exit. Time to move some players. Deron WIlliams has never lived up to the hype and just ended up getting way overpaid and has hardly ever been fully healthy in a Nets’ uniform. Another player on the block is Brook Lopez, who also has injury concerns, but when healthy is a great offensive center, but does have some weaknesses in his all-around game. Still he is only 26 and has proven he can be dominant at times in this league. Then there is Joe Johnson, who honestly has had a pretty good stint with the Nets. Johnson’s major flaw is his ridiculousness contract, it by itself handicaps a team's cap flexibility.These players have know they have been on the block almost all season, if the Nets think this team is a failure, why not start over sooner than later. Paying the amount of luxury tax money they are and not to make the playoffs would be a complete failure. It seems the Nets may be forced to make a trade.

-By Nicholas Diesing-Fay

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