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Some of the Top Names Available at the Deadline

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Brooklyn Nets-

Deron Williams- An injury plagued point guard with a max contract, not that enticing. Brooklyn would love to ship off Williams, doubt there’s any takers

Joe Johnson- Johnson’s still a great scorer and can be a good second or third option on a playoff team. The problem with Joe is his contract, it’s just not feasible to pay a player that money and have cap flexibility.

Brook Lopez- Lopez is a great offensive center, but can struggle rebounding and defending in space. Still when he is clicking offensively,he can demand a double-team, but Lopez also has a injury history and missed his fair share of games.

Charlotte Hornets-

Lance Stephenson- The Lance project has failed in Charlotte and the Hornets are trying to escape, but have no takers. A change of scenery probably would be best for Lance, but no GM will touch him with a ten foot pole.

Denver Nuggets-

It was reported that the Nuggets are open to trading anyone, but rookie center, Jusuf Nurkic. Particularly Ty Lawson, Arron Afflalo, and Wilson Chandler could be nice pieces for a contending a team.

Miami Heat-

Norris Cole- The Heat have been unhappy with Cole all season and have to looked to trade him. Cole is a great defender and streaky shooter. He fits best as a role player.

Chris Anderson- Birdman definitely can bring energy off the bench with his shot-blocking and activity around the rim. He is a nice big to have come off the bench.

Oklahoma City Thunder-

Reggie Jackson- It has been well known OKC plans on trading Jackson. Jackson's contract runs out at the end of the year and he is looking to be a starter. So whoever makes the trade for him has to have that in mind. Otherwise Jackson is a young player who has proven he can score in this league.

Phoenix Suns-

Goran Dragic- It's pretty obvious the Suns have too many point guards and they need help elsewhere on the roster if they want to stay in the playoffs. It also has been reported, Dragic has been frustrated playing off-ball so much this year. Dragic could be huge for any team in need of a point guard.

Isisah Thomas- In most reports it seems Thomas would be the guard the Suns most likely part with, but you never know. Thomas can be instant offense and give a team that extra spark. He also can be a libilaty on defense though, being so undersized.

Utah Jazz-

Enes Kanter- Kanter has not been happy losing minutes to Rudy Gobert, but to be honest the Jazz have no choice. Gobert has crazy potential and needs minutes to develop. It has been noted Kanter wants out. It will be interesting to see what his value is around the league.

*Trade Reports via ESPN, Yahoo Sports

-By Nicholas Diesing-Fay

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