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NBA Power Rankings 2-6-15

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  1. Atlanta Hawks- The streak is over, but the Hawks are the still the best team in the league.

  2. Golden State Warriors- Curry and Thompson both have 50-point games on the season, this team can put up points.

  3. Memphis Grizzlies- The addition of Jeff Green seems to be exactly what Memphis needed.

  4. Houston Rockets- It will be up to James Harden to keep the Rockets rolling without Dwight Howard.

  5. Cleveland Cavilers- The Cavs have won 12 straight and LeBron is in MVP form. Not to mention it’s looking like those trades paid off.

  6. Portland Trailblazers- Aldridge electing to play through his thumb injury was huge for Portland and their spot in the standings come playoff time.

  7. San Antonio Spurs- The Spurs aren’t running on all cylinders yet, but it could be coming soon.

  8. Toronto Raptors- Toronto suffered their first division loss this past week and were halfway through the season.

  9. Dallas Mavericks- The Rondo trade hasn’t worked out as planed, but there is still plenty of time to make it work.

  10. Los Angeles Clippers- The Clippers haven't played up to standards this year and tend to blame the refs. The Clippers lead the league in techincal fouls.

  11. Washington Wizards- 5 straight losses for the Wizards, which is terrible considering the talent on this team.

  12. Phoenix Suns- The Suns have held on to the 8th spot in the West longer than most thought and show no signs of letting it go.

  13. Milwaukee Bucks- The Bucks’ length and athletism is a tough match-up for most teams.

  14. New Orleans Pelicans- The Pelicans have made a charge at that 8th spot and Anthony Davis continues to impress.

  15. Chicago Bulls- The Bulls have not looked like anything we imagined in the off-season.

  16. Charlotte Hornets- The Hornets have surprisingly found their rhythm with Kemba Walker being sidelined.

  17. Oklahoma City Thunder- The Thunder are at a point they can’t afford to lose games and Durant being out doesn’t make that any easier.

  18. Miami Heat- Hassan Whiteside has recharged this team and looks to be an important piece of Miami's future.

  19. Brooklyn Nets- After looking terrible in January, the Nets decided to be a new team in February, grabbing back to back wins over the Clippers and Raptors.

  20. Boston Celtics- The Celtics roster wasn’t created to make the playoffs, but in the East they might just slide in.

  21. Detroit Pistons- The Pistons still are playing better, but the loss of Brandon Jennings is killing them.

  22. Utah Jazz- The Jazz have put together a pretty good stretch of basketball, if they were in the East they might be hanging around the last playoff spot.

  23. Indiana Pacers- Word is the Pacers might make a move, if Paul George could be back for a late playoff run.

  24. Denver Nuggets- I think it’s about time for the Nuggets to make some moves, they are 1-9 in their last ten games.

  25. Sacramento Kings- The Kings haven’t looked anything like the team we saw earlier this year. It looks like another rough season for Kings fans.

  26. New York Knicks- The Knicks have managed a few wins in 2015 and showed some sign of life. The real question will be if Melo plays the whole season or elects for early surgery.

  27. Philadelphia 76ers- Micheal Carter-Williams has started to find a groove in his game and it has helped the Sixers pick up a few wins.

  28. Orlando Magic- 10 straight losses for the Magic, no wonder Vaughn was fired.

  29. Los Angeles Lakers- The Lakers are bad, but still can be fun to watch with their roster of NBA misfits.

  30. Minnesota Timberwolves- Ricky Rubio return can only make the Wolves beter.

-By Nicholas Diesing-Fay

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