Mid-Season Western Conference Playoff Predictions
  • Nick Fay

Mid-Season Western Conference Playoff Predictions

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  1. Golden State Warriors- The Warriors are on pace to finish with their best record in franchise history. They also haven’t even been full strength most of the season, so watch out.

  2. Memphis Grizzlies- A lot of people of doubted the Grizzlies before the season and they have proved those doubters wrong and will continue to do so, behind the play of Marc Gasol and Mike Conley.

  3. Portland Trail Blazers- The Blazers are quietly having a very good season, led by Lamarcus Aldridge, who recently decided to play through a ligament injury instead of surgery. This was big for Blazers and will prevent them from sinking in the standings.

  4. Los Angeles Clippers- After a rough start to the season the Clippers have regained their position as a top team in the West. DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin are still throwing down plenty of alley-oops.

  5. San Antonio Spurs- The Spurs haven’t looked their normal self at points this season, but expect them to turn it up when it matters. Long as Kawhi Leonard and the big three can stay on the court, the Spurs will be fine.

  6. Houston Rockets- James Harden has been playing like an MVP this season and has been even more impressive when the Rockets have dealt with injuries. The Rockets have improved defensively, but still shoot the most threes in the NBA which can be an issue playoff time.

  7. Dallas Maverick- It’s crazy the Mavs are this low, but it just shows you how stacked the West is. The Mavs have a lot of new pieces and just need time to mesh as a team, who knows they must just click in time for the playoffs.

  8. Oklahoma City Thunder- Missing your two best players for a chunk of time will damper any team, but when it is Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook it's even worse. Still with that said I still expect OKC to squeeze in there for the last spot.

-By Nicholas DIesing-Fay

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