• Nick Fay

The Warriors Made the Right Choice

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*Photo via USA Today

Before Kevin Love was a lock to be traded to the Cavs this past summer, another team had discussed a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves. That team was the Golden State Warriors , the Warriors had a strong interest in Kevin Love. Yet, there still was something holding the Warriors back from making the trade and that was refusing to trade Klay Thompson. At the time some disagreed with the the Warriors choices. Well some time has passed and we can look at the Warriors and how that decision has panned out for them.

Here is quick look at their stats so far this season

klove klay comp.jpg

*Via NBA.com

Shooting percentages

Klay Thompson Kevin Love

FG%:47.8 FG%:43

3P%:45.9 3P%:32.8

It is pretty obvious Klay is winning the statistical battle, but Klay has also shown the ability to be a two-way player. Something that can’t always be said for Kevin Love, who at times can be a liability defensively. Where Love’s lack of athleticism can be an issue for him, while Klay at times will D’up the opposing team’s best player.

So it seems the Warriors made the right choice holding onto Klay Thompson and if you needed anything else, here is 3rd quarter from last night. ENJOY

-By Nicholas DIeisng-Fay